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FD30 Fire Door Lpd Edmonton vs. Mexicano: Which Is the Better Spec?

FD30 Fire Door

Although FD30 fire doors are the lowest rated, offering 30 minutes of resistance, they provide sufficient protection during a fire. However, for FD30-rated doors to meet their certification, every part of the door must resist fire for 30 minutes. 

Therefore, it is important to get a reliable brand and door specification that offers complete protection. LPD doors rank high among fire doors; their FD30 fire doors are a good investment. Edmonton and Mexicano are two popular specs from LPD, so which should you choose? This article reviews both options to help inform your choice. 

LPD Edmonton vs. Mexicano FD30 Doors: Comparing Design and Aesthetics

Next to protection, many homeowners consider the aesthetics of their doors when choosing a design. As one of your house’s most noticed features, your internal doors add greatly to your home’s beauty and appeal. So, let’s compare the Edmonton and Mexicano designs to discern which brings out the best in your home. 

Edmonton: The LPD Edmonton usually comes pre-finished, allowing you to finish it to your taste in coherence with your home design. The Edmonton design features recessed panels to create a ladder pattern on the center of the door. This simple yet modern design makes it compatible with any decorative theme applied to your home. 

lpd edmonton pre finished oak fd30 fire door 2

Mexicano: LPD Mexicano maintains a blended traditional design that offers modern appeal. This specification features a timeless panel design with sharp vertical grooves. The simple cottage style of Mexicano doors is the most popular modern UK door design with wide application. The design is timeless and can survive several home renovations as time changes. 

lpd mexicano unfinished oak internal door 2

LPD Edmonton and Mexicano Fire Doors: Which Is More Durable?

Like all fire doors, the LPD FD30 doors are thicker than regular internal doors. That is an intentional feature to accommodate an engineered solid core. Manufacturers then tightly veneer other parts of the door on this core to ensure a stable and durable construction. 

LPD designs the Edmonton and Mexicano FD30 doors from solid oak with the same engineered solid core (44mm). So, it is reasonable to conclude that both specs offer relatively the same strength and durability. 

Made of the same base material, they also require the same maintenance practices. Edmonton and Mexicano use the same smoke/fire seals, which wear out at the same rate. However, with regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, you’ll retain the stellar condition and beauty of any LPD FD30 fire door. 

Nevertheless, some veterans believe that Mexicano can last longer than Edmonton under the same conditions. They make this assertion based on the design of both specifications. The assumption is that Edmonton will more readily give out, weakened by the multiple joint points veneered to the core. 

Comparing the Application of LPD Edmonton and Mexicano FD30 Fire Doors 

Internal decor experts agree that the beauty of a door is subjective to the design of a house. That is why it is important to consider the application of a door before choosing a specification. Compared at face value, Edmonton and Mexicano doors are great options. However, here’s a breakdown of their best application based on their unique designs: 

Edmonton: The sleek and appealing design of Edmonton doors makes them a good choice for most visible doors. They’re best for leading doors, kitchens, and bedrooms. These doors can evoke an illusion of roominess in a house where space is at a premium. 

The LPD Edmonton FD30 fire doors also have a rich trim tolerance, enabling installation anywhere in the house. You have 15mm tolerance on each side and 3mm at the top and bottom. 

Mexicano: The popular panel and groove design of the Mexicano spec allows for a wide application around the house. However, this cottage door design receives more highlight and appreciation in lounges and bedrooms.

Mexicano doors in the natural oak color elevate the design and extend its application wider for entrances demanding aesthetic appeal. 

The recommendations above do not limit the application of these specs. Both specifications have no glazing to maintain privacy, encouraging even wider application. Consequently, you can even use either option in your bathroom. 

LPD Edmonton vs. Mexicano Fire Door Price Comparison

For many buyers, the cost implication is the tiebreaker for closely comparable options like the Edmonton and Mexicano designs. Therefore, this would be an incomplete review without a price comparison. 

The LPD FD30 Edmonton and Mexicano fire doors are affordable options that give you the best bang for your buck. Below are the price ranges for both options: 

Edmonton FD30 Fire Doors: £253.99 – £302.99

Mexicano FD30 Fire Doors: £149.99 – £788.99

The quotations above include value-added taxes in the UK.

More interestingly, the Mexicano spec has a more extensive price range because of its wide array of designs. DoorDelivered’s portfolio of Mexicano FD30 fire doors shows the diversity of Mexicano options. You see several colors, finished, unfinished, primed, and unprimed options, and frosted-lined designs.

Final Thoughts

Fire doors are critical to saving lives and properties during a fire outbreak. So, it’s good that you’re considering getting a fire door for your building. The review above has provided some vital details about two popular options in the UK market. 

The best among both is the one that meets your needs and appeals to you the most. This article has outlined the facts and figures for each option. Consider them carefully and make a satisfying choice for your building. 

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