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At Doors Delivered, we realise the value of creating a unique and chic interior that perfectly matches your style. If you have a space that doesn’t fit the design, or you are looking for something distinctive, then our bespoke door service could be what you need. Whether you need a single ‘odd’ door or a couple of bespoke sized doors, we can cater to all your demands. You can be certain that the bespoke doors will look proportionately correct along with the standard sizes.

Both of our main door suppliers offer sizes on an extensive range of their door designs, enabling you to produce a seamless finish no regardless of your structural requirements. In addition to this, we also offer complete flush door sets, made for you to your particular structural opening needs.

Our flush door sets can include the frame, door and also any hinges, handles or locks, eliminating the hassle, and even with a fire door set, the intumescent strips needed to finalise your project to perfection and on point with the regulations.

With our flush door sets, you have the option of a range of wood veneers or even a primed finish. If a fire door is required, your bespoke model will come complete will all the vital certification needed.

Finding the right bespoke door is easy: simply choose a style, send us your individual measurements, and we will develop expert drawings for you to inspect and sign off. While our lower-end models tend not to be available in bespoke sizes, we can, on occasion, find doors that can be trimmed to satisfy your unusual measurements, avoiding bespoke made doors completely.

Our suppliers also offer finishing paint settings, so you can receive your doors with an outstanding finish and ready to be hung.

We can apply the perfect ‘factory finish’ colours to the white primed door ranges, a beautiful selection of colours. Or some manufacturers even offer a staining service for their oak veneer door ranges. Get a perfectly decorated and ready-to-hang finish when your doors arrive, avoiding all the mess!

If our bespoke service is the right thing for you, give us a call now to discuss prices and lead times. Contact us on 0207 770 6506, or email [email protected]

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