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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to (the “Website”). This Website is owned and operated by Legacy Line Ventures Ltd (“Legacy Line Ventures,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). By accessing or using our Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use our Website.These conditions shall apply to any contract entered by the Company. Other variations of these terms and conditions shall only be effective when agreed in writing by the director.


(a) This contract is for delivery ex-works unless guided otherwise. The delivery location is the Company’s factory.

(b) If a delivery period is indicated and not mutually extended in writing or under the terms and conditions, the customer must wait until the Company is ready to deliver.

(c) Deliveries may be suspended (partially or wholly) and the suspension time added to the contract in case of delays, stoppage, or interruptions in the Company’s establishment or its suppliers or other people handling the materials for the Company because of trade disputes, accidents, lockouts, strikes, breakdowns, or other reasons beyond the Company’s control.

(d) The delivery time is an estimate, and the Company shall not be responsible for any delays or consequences for that whatsoever.


(a) It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the ordered items fit the intended purpose. The Company does not warrant the product’s suitability for the intended purposes.

(b) It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the packaging’s suitability for the ordered items.

(c) It is the customer’s responsibility to choose a suitable courier or agent to collect the goods from the Company’s premises.

(d) It is the customer’s responsibility to organise and implement any logical requirements for the goods. This includes (but is not limited to) providing a label printer and uploading labels.

(e) If the customer needs administrative support with logistics, particularly labelling requirements, the Company will do so at its total discretion. The customer acknowledges and accepts the responsibility to pay reasonable fees for the provided services. The Company will try to give an estimate of the total cost at the time of order or before collection.

(f) The Company will try its best to meet the customer’s deadlines and collection of ordered goods. However, the Company is not responsible for any failure to meet deadlines due to uncontrollable circumstances.

(g) It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the courier or agent has the needed details to collect the ordered items from the Company. This includes (but is not limited to) the customer’s contact details, address, and details of the ordered items.

(h) If a courier or agent collects goods, the courier or agent acts as the customer’s representative, and thus their signature shows acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. No alleged restriction or variation of this clause will affect the Company’s liability as far as the conditions set are concerned.

(i)  Once the courier or agent leaves the Company’s premises, the customer is deemed to have accepted the items. Therefore, once the goods are collected according to the aforementioned clause, any damage during transit is the customer’s responsibility. The Company will not be responsible unless in conditions supported by these Terms and Conditions. The Company would only be liable if the damage is reported before the goods leave the Company’s premises.

(j) Collected goods are non-returnable. If the customer notices any missing fittings or fixtures after inspection, the customer should notify the Company within 24 hours. The Company will then send the missing fittings and fixtures within 5 days at its own expense. This clause doesn’t affect the customer’s statutory rights.

(k)  The customer should report any discovered manufacturing fault within 24 hours and provide the needed details. If the Company accepts the manufacturing fault, it will exchange the faulty item at its own expense. However, the Company will only cover the item’s exchange and not any other consequences or losses.

(l)  Customers with a credit account will be given an invoice of goods collected within 10 days. These customers will also get a monthly statement of the credit account.

(m)  Payment for the collected goods is due a month after the collection date. By collecting the ordered goods, the customer acknowledges and accepts not to offset or deduct from the invoice. In the case of circumstances described in 2 (j) & (k), the Company will issue the customer a credit note for the amount.


(a)  No warranty is given for the fitness or quality of the material used to manufacture or assemble the supplies goods.

(b) Clause 3 (a) shall apply although the customer ordered specific designs or requirements to fulfil a particular purpose.

(c) It is the customer’s responsibility to make the necessary enquiries and judge whether the items match the intended purpose.

(d) The Company’s liability to faulty items or items damaged during transit where the Company is responsible for transport will only apply at its option to repair or replace the goods. And the Company will not be responsible for any costs, losses, or damages whatsoever or preceding consequential losses.

(e) Clause 3 (d) will only apply if the customer makes a claim within 14 days of receipt of goods. However, claims for colour or pattern mismatch will not be accepted unless made within 7 days of receipt of goods. In such cases, the Company will be liable to replace the original goods. After the claim is made, the customer shall keep the items intact and wait for the Company to inspect them.


The customer shall ensure that anyone handling the goods has the needed protective clothing and ensure that goods are suitable for the exact task they are used.


(a) The risk of the goods supplied by the Company shall be transferred to the customer after delivery or collection. However, ownership will remain to the Company until payment of all the issued invoices or credit accounts is fully paid.

(b) If the customer resells the items or materials before getting their full ownership, it shall do so as the Company’s agent.

(c) Until payment is fully paid, the customer shall keep readily identifiable goods from the Company as the Company’s property.

d) The Company has the right to recover and resell the goods before the transfer of ownership and enter the customer’s premises with the needed transport for that purpose if the customer defaults making the payments on the due date.

(e) The customer is not entitled to return the items or delay or refuse to make the due payment.


The customer shall exempt the Company from any damage penalties and expenses incurred from projects done according to the customer’s instructions that involved alleged infringement or copyright infringement of a registered design.


Only a reasonable allowance of a maximum of 10 % is allowed for production and supply varying quantities below or above the ordered amount. This only applies to the expressed units in the order and to every item.


If the customer defaults or omits an obligation to the Company or if any execution or distress is imposed on the customer, their assets or property or any arrangements with creditors or commit bankruptcy or if a bankruptcy petition is represented or made against the customer or if the customer is a limited company and a petition or resolution to dissolve it is passed or if a liquidator or receiver administrator is appointed of such customer’s undertaking assets or property the Company is still entitled to treat such events as a rejection of the contract or order by the customer and will be entitled to determine the contract or order without any exemption from its right to demand the owed money and damages for breach of contract.


If the customer is from overseas, then the contract will be on F.O.B terms unless agreed otherwise. The Company’s responsibilities will cease once the items are boarded on the ship.


The customer will not transfer rights to a third party without the Company’s written consent.


If the materials or products involved in the quotation are ex-stock, the Company can offer them subject to being if they are unsolved on receipt of the customer’s acceptance.


12.1. Bank Details:
Our only bank account details for BACS transactions are as follows:

Account Holder: Legacy Line Ventures Ltd
Account Number: 21104471
Sort Code: 04-06-05

12.1.2. Customer Responsibility:
Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the provided bank details before making any payments. Legacy Line Ventures Ltd does not hold any responsibility or liability for customer errors in transferring money to incorrect accounts.

12.1.3. Financial Loss:
Legacy Line Ventures Ltd advises customers to double-check the accuracy of bank details before making any payment. We are not liable for any financial loss incurred due to customer failure to verify payment details.

(a) The quoted prices are strictly net unless the Company specifies otherwise. Any increase in the cost of materials or wages will attract an adjustment in the selling price of the orders to be completed. The customer shall also pay for all the packaging and preparatory work delivery costs.

(b) If the customer defaults on making payments, the interest rate will be increased by 5 % over the usual rate for the outstanding balance.

If you wish to cancel and return your order, you must let us know by contacting or emailing us at [email protected]. This must be completed within seven working days from the delivery day of your item(s), stating your order number.

We will provide details on the appropriate address to which the goods must be returned when you apply. Once the items have been received, we can provide a full refund deducting any shipping costs and restock fee as long as the goods are received in the same condition they were sent in.(The cost of the return for the frameless concealed doors is £150 plus VAT. The customer need to place protective sheets under the door on the pallet and also put a couple of protective sheets over the top (bubble wrap ideally) and then attach the frame, this needs to be packaged 100% and strapped securely. The same way it was delivered.) We will not refund the items if anything is damaged, or anything that has become loose or lost during transportation.

Refunds are usually processed within a few days but could take up to 14 days.

13.Scams and Fraudulent Attempts

13.1. Customer Awareness:
Customers are advised to be vigilant and exercise caution to prevent falling victim to scams or fraudulent activities. Legacy Line Ventures Ltd does not hold any responsibility for any financial loss resulting from scam attempts or fraudulent attacks, whether through email or our Website.

13.2. Secure Transactions:
Legacy Line Ventures Ltd employs industry-standard security measures to ensure the safety of online transactions. However, customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their personal information and credentials.

14.Limitation of Liability

14.1 General Limitation:
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Legacy Line Ventures Ltd shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of our Website, communication through emails, phone calls or the purchase of products.

14.2 Indemnification:
Customers agree to indemnify and hold Legacy Line Ventures Ltd harmless from any claims, losses, or damages, including legal fees, arising out of their use of the Website or violation of these Terms and Conditions.


The customer admits that it is purchasing the items for a business operated by itself and that the business’s attention has been brought to existence and extent to warranties or conditions as implied by law.


No indulgence or tolerance by the Company given or shown to a customer in respect of these Terms shall prejudice or affect the Company’s rights or be treated as a waiver of these terms.


Contracts under these conditions will be considered to have been made in England and therefore governed by English Law.


If these terms and conditions conflict with the terms that the customer alleges to have bought the items with from the Company, the above conditions shall apply.