Fire Rated Internal Fire Doors

Do you want to invest in your family’s safety and install fire doors in the house? Are you looking to increase the property’s value by replacing the internal doors? If yes, then Doors Delivered is the name to trust. We offer a wide range of fire doors that will perfectly fit your interior décor.

We deal in durable and reliable products so you can relax knowing that our fire doors will keep you safe in a hazardous situation. With different design options to choose from, you can change your home’s entire outlook. Explore the fire door collection and place the order! 

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What Are Fire Doors?

The internal fire doors are made of special materials such as solid wood, chipboard and particleboard that help the door resist fire and smoke for a certain period. The door edges contain an intumescent seal that expands when the temperature reaches beyond 200°C.

Purpose of Installing Fire Doors

These doors prevent the damaging effects and rapid spread of fire. The fire doors are mainly suitable between a room and if fire starts in one part of the house, these doors will prevent it from spreading to the entire house. The seals in the door expand and block fumes and smoke from leaving the room. Two primary benefits of installing fire doors are listed below:

  • They Are Built To Last
  • Reduce Damage Taken To The Property

They Are Built To Last

The door is made from high-end materials, so it will outlast different décor items in the house. The solid core structure also helps with soundproofing. You need to make sure that you use high-end hinges and door rails to ensure that the door last for decades. Explore our door frames category to buy durable materials for your house. 

Reduce Damage Taken To The Property

The internal fire doors keep the fire contained and give the residents abundant time to evacuate. These doors have a specific duration that they can withstand the fire. Choose the perfect door for you and keep your family safe in case of any fire.  

Reach Out To Doors Delivered For Durable Fire doors 

Doors Delivered one of the top sellers of internal fire doors for the home or office. We deal in high-end doors that are meant to last and resist fire for a longer time. Our dedicated sales team will leave no stone unturned until you make an informed purchasing decision. So, call us today to buy the best doors for your property. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the four types of fire doors?

According to the features of the fire doors, they can be divided into four main categories such as sliding doors, shutters, guillotine doors, and swing fire doors

Can any door be a fire door?

These doors are specifically built to last. The most common fire door is FD30 which can resist fire and smoke for up to 30 minutes. Another common fire door option is FD60, which can keep the fire contained for 60 minutes. 

What should you never do to a fire door?

There are certain precautions that you need to take when you have a fire door in the house. It would be best to never lock the fire door or open the wedges. Also, ensure that the fire doors are never blocked as this may cause issues in case of a hazard. 

Should fire doors open inwards or outwards?

Ideally, the dire door should open in the direction of escape, but you can make an exception when fewer people use the door or if the fire door opens to an escape route. Additionally, some fire doors should open inward to protect the passerby 

Do fire exit doors need to be self-closing?

In many homes, a fire door is legally required to be self-closing. A door closer can be fitted on top of the door to ensure that the door is closed all time – this is very important in the event of a fire.