Victorian Style Doors

Originating in the 19th-century Victorian era, Victorian doors boast a timeless four-panel design, often featuring wood or glass in the top sections. These doors continue to captivate homeowners with their classic charm while seamlessly adapting to modern home aesthetics.

At Doors Delivered, our Victorian door collection offers unparalleled variety, spanning internal glazed, oak, white, pine, and beyond. Perfect for both interior and exterior spaces, every finish we offer emanates a blend of nostalgic artistry and contemporary elegance.

Seeking the perfect Victorian doors for your home? Reach out to Doors Delivered today for unmatched quotes and expert advice on our exquisite Victorian door range.

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Elevate Your Space with Victorian-Style Internal Doors

Victorian-style doors, renowned for their refined design and robust build, are a coveted addition to both modern and classic homes. At Doors Delivered, we present a diverse collection of these doors, ensuring a consistent, luxurious touch throughout your abode.

Key Features of Victorian Doors: A Blend of Tradition & Modernity

  1. Versatile Design: Our Victorian doors are tailored for both traditional and contemporary spaces, seamlessly complementing living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.
  2. Variety at Its Best: Echoing nuances of baroque, renaissance, and empire styles, our doors harmonize with modern decor, available across varied price points.
  3. Built to Last: Crafted from premium materials, our doors promise durability. With toughened glass as per industry standards and iron decor elements, they’re apt for both homes and commercial spaces.

Why Choose Doors Delivered for Victorian-Style Doors?

As one of the UK’s premier suppliers, we’re committed to exceptional quality and service. Whether you’re eyeing oak, white, glazed, walnut, or pine doors, we ensure:

  • Prompt Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Expert Guidance

Rediscover Elegance with Victorian Doors

Doors set the mood of a room. Beyond mere entryways, they shape the ambiance. Our Victorian doors, especially those with glass, enrich decor, introducing an upscale touch. Connect with us to transform your space with these architectural masterpieces.

FAQs on Victorian-Style Doors

  1. What did Victorian doors typically feature? A quintessential Victorian door boasted a four-panel design, with the upper panels taking 2/3 of the length, separated by a centre mullion.
  2. Preferred colours for Victorian doors? Predominantly, they were painted-grained or green. Other hues included dark blue, chocolate brown, olive green, and deep red.
  3. What’s the primary material for Victorian doors? Many Victorian doors use solid oak, incorporating stained glass sidelights and panels, reinforcing them as sturdy choices.
  4. Standard thickness of Victorian doors? Typically, they’re 35mm thick, with fire door versions being 44mm thick.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Victorian doors with Doors Delivered.