Primed Internal Doors

Want to give the house a modern and elegant look? Are you looking for a door supplier that ships high-end primed doors? If the answer to both these questions is yes, you have landed at the right place. Doors Delivered is the name to trust when you want to add beautiful and durable doors to the house.

All the products offered by us come with manufacturer’s warranty, which gives you peace of mind that you are investing in the right product. We offer primed doors in different colours and dimensions to meet your specific needs. Call today to place an order for exceptional primed internal doors!

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What Are Primed Doors?

The doors treated with a base coat of paint are known as primed doors. The base paint enhances the door’s durability and helps increase the house’s beauty. Although the doors have a base coat, it is advised that you paint the doors of your desired colour before hanging them.

Why Installing Primed Doors Beneficial In The Long Run?

A primed door’s importance cannot be ignored. They not only beautify the house but also complement the existing furnishings. Furthermore, you will get the following benefits by installing primed doors in the house or office:

  • Control Moisture Levels
  • Made From High-End Materials
  • Increased Life And Performance

Control Moisture Levels

The primed doors will internally control the moisture levels, preventing the door from warping and splitting. 

Made From High-End Materials 

These doors are made from high-end materials, thus providing stability to the structure. 

Increased Life And Performance 

The doors will have improved life and performance with engineered materials and high-quality veneers. 

What makes Doors Delivered the best door supplier in the market?

When you want to buy primed doors for the house or office, you need to trust a supplier that provides high-end products at affordable rates. Internal Doors UK is the prime supplier you need to trust when purchasing your next home renovation or building project. You will get the following benefits by working with us:

  • We Ship Doors In Lowest Turnaround Time
  • We Provide Online Consultancy 
  • We Sell Doors That Are Covered Under A Manufacturer’s Warranty 
  • We Provide Budget-Friendly Services 

Install Primed Doors To Elevate The Property’s Look 

A good primed door is what you need when renovating the house. It will not only beautify the house but will also provide a sense of security. You can buy the doors per your requirements. Be it unglazed or glazed primed doors, Doors Delivered is the name to trust. Explore our collection of glazed doors, oak doors, walnut doors, white doors and place the order for the doors that excite you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Primed Door Ready To Paint?

The primed doors you buy will arrive looking finished, but they will still need to be painted before hanging. The primer gives the door a smooth finish, and the added coat will provide the necessary coverage against temperature change, water damage, and rough handling.

Do primed doors need an undercoat?

The simple answer to this is “YES”. The doors are primed but require either an undercoat or at least one top coat of enamel. The edges of the doors are not usually primed, so they will need to be primed before installation.

Do primed doors need to be sanded?

It is recommended that you do light sanding before painting them if the primed is removed during sanding, re-prime the exposed areas.

How many coats of paint do I need for a primed door?

A minimum of 2 coats are required when installing primed doors. You can apply as many coats as possible to achieve the required finish.

Will a quart of paint cover a door?

A quart of paint is usually enough to cover a door. To be exact, a quart of paint will easily cover all painting needs if a door is primed.

Can you paint a door without removing it?

Removing the front door before painting them is recommended, but you can still paint it without taking off the door hinges. The front door will become more welcoming when you apply new paint to it.