External Doors

An external door’s importance cannot be ignored. It is the primary entryway to the house, and if you are worried about the house’s integrity, maybe it is time to buy a new external door for your home. We offer versatile and durable external doors.

With limitless design options, you have the freedom to choose the door that suits your needs. All our doors are durable and can protect the home from unwanted intruders, heat, wind, and cold. So what are you waiting for! Call today to place the order for eye-catching cheap external doors!

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Which External Door is ideal for my home?

We understand the value of investing in External doors that will be the right fit for your property. That is why we have a wide range of superb designs for you to choose from. Some doors in our collection give a feeling of warmth and comfort, like our black external doors and grey external doors, while some provide a traditional Victorian vibe that will surely match the contemporary and classic home design.

Composite External Doors

Our composite External doors are a solid solution for your home, providing additional security and energy efficiency whilst complementing the design of your home. There is a wide range of styles and colours to suit your property.

Composite External doors are the perfect solution for you if you are looking to improve the external appearance of your home without replacing the entire door. The timber is produced using a combination of recycled wood and virgin wood fibre, where both the top and bottom rails are made from recycled materials giving this product its strength. From a practical point of view, the Composite does not absorb water, which means it is unlikely to swell and warp.

Available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your house, our composite external doors highly impact resistant and offer excellent thermal properties as well as crack-proof glass. Perfect for making alterations to your home’s style, our quality set of composite doors are strong and built to last.

Hardwood External Doors

Hardwood External Doors are highly cost-efficient and provide a magnificent look. They need to be safe and secure, able to endure the weather, protecting you and your family. Hardwood external doors are traditional in style and ease your transition to a new home. Each door is carved by hand, with a selection of various motifs and edge details, such as ogee curves, thumb-moulding, reeded edges and straight-edged panels.

Opting for beautiful Hardwood external doors will enhance both the appearance of your property and the security of your home. Our external doors come in various styles, designs and colours; all you need to do is decide which options are suitable for you. External doors are just one part of your front door renovation. We have a full range of services and products, including internal doors, locksets, and other components. Call now for more advice on how we can help you with your project.

Oak External Doors

Oak external doors are beautifully grained and will last for years. Each door is hand finished and specially selected to make sure the grain structure is uniform throughout the door. This gives the new door a more stable and even look.

Our range of external oak doors can bring a classic touch to any home needing renovation or extension. They are available both unfinished and pre-finished to allow you to match your current interior design. Our external oak doors come in two styles: the panel door and the framed Victorian door.

External Doors Sets

With our range of high-quality bespoke finishes, you can create a modern and stylish exterior to your home rather than a more traditional design. Our external door sets are designed with energy efficiency and manufactured from an innovative composite material.

Do you need a part L door?

Many people are looking to save energy on their heating bills which also benefits the environment. For increased heat insulation, we offer a part L option also. Each door comes with a Part L certificate to ensure building regulations are met. They are constructed with additional insulating materials built into their core.

Whether you require a part L door will be dependent on what the building is being used for. If it is to be used as a dwelling, it will require a part L door, which means it will have to comply with specific regulations. If you use the building for anything other than a dwelling, for example, for commercial use or storage, you won’t need a part L door.

Installation and Care

Your door must be hung in a sound fitting, hardwood, external grade frame. A qualified joiner is always recommended to install your door. Furthermore, four hinges are recommended for external doors and suitable solid locking mechanisms.

Your external door becomes exposed to UV rays and the weather from the second it is hung. Quality, weatherproof paint or treatments are recommended for all exterior doors to ensure they stand through British weather.

For help and advice

For any help and advice on our external door range, feel free to contact a member of our team. Our experienced staff will support you in making the right decision that works best for you. Call us today on 02077706506, or you can email us at [email protected]