Pocket Door Systems

Do you want to install a beautiful door in the house and help you save space? If yes, then pocket door systems are the perfect choice for you. We at Doors Delivered can help you buy sturdy and exquisite pocket doors.

We provide budget-friendly services and have a vast collection of pocket door systems specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. Most doors in our collection come with a manufacturer warranty, which ensures you make a wise decision when purchasing doors for your home building projects.

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  • LPD Single Pocket Door System
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  • LPD Double Pocket Door System
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  • XL Joinery Pocket Door Kit-Sliding Lockset
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What Are Pocket Door systems?

These innovative door designs can help you save space and give the house a modern look. When a pocket door is opened, they slide into the wall to economize space so it can be fully utilized. These doors are ideal to use in cabinets that are normally kept open, but if you want them to be hidden, the pocket doors are perfect for you. 

Key Features of pocket door systems 

There are many benefits of installing pocket door systems and you should install pre-assembled frames in the house. You need to understand the usage and features of this door to make a wise purchasing decision. Here are some key features of the pocket door systems offered at Doors Delivered!  

  • These Doors Are Fitted In Half The Time Of A Normal Door
  • The Internal Cavity Is Protected During Installation 
  • These Doors Are Available In Single And Double Format 
  • Compatible Sliding Door Hardware Is Easily Available 
  • Give The Wall A Finished Look After Installation 

Reasons For Choosing Us

Your search for durable pocket door systems end with Doors Delivered. We have a dedicated team ready to assist you during the purchasing journey. All the doors supplied by us are made from sustainable materials. With our vast internal doors collection, you can find the perfect piece for your home.  

Entrust Us For Buying Exceptional Pocket Door Systems 

When you are looking to buy an internal door for your home, it is wise to trust a supplier that has years of experience and a vast collection of oak doors, white doors, internal glazed doors, walnut doors, pine doors. We, at internaldoorsUK provide high-end doors at affordable rates. Our sales department will listen to your queries and help you find the door that fits perfectly in your interior décor. So, call today and give the house a refined look with the help of pocket door systems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Pocket Door System?

During a home remodelling project, the cost of a pocket doors system is likely to be between 2000-3000 GBP. The price drastically decreases in case of new home construction, and you will only have to pay only 500-1000 GBP for these doors. 

Can You Turn A Regular Door Into A Pocket Door?

Changing the regular door into a pocket door is a tedious process. You will need to remove the old swinging door, disassemble the wall framing and remove the drywall. It is wise to install a new pocket system instead of thinking of turning an old door into a pocket door! 

How Thick Does A Wall Need To Be For A Pocket Door?

A pocket door can be easily installed on a plastered wall with a thickness of 125 mm. if you plan to install an overlapping sliding pocket door, your wall should have a minimum thickness of 170 mm. 

Do You Need A Special Door For A Pocket Door?

You can use any kind of door in the picket door system as long as the measurement of the pocket opening is correct. It would help if you also made sure that the door is of right thickens and the door is not pre-drilled for a standard lockset. 

Is A Pocket Door More Expensive To Install?

Yes, pocket doors are more expensive to install as you have to make many changes in the home construction.