Victorian Fire Doors

If you are looking for high-quality Victorian fire doors, then Doors Delivered is the perfect supplier for you. We have a wide range of doors to choose from, and we can also customise doors to meet your specific needs.

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What Are Victorian Fire Doors?

Victorian fire doors are specialised types of door designed to provide extra protection against fires. These doors are made from thicker and more durable materials than standard ones, and they are usually fitted with door hardware designed to resist fire and heat.

Victorian fire doors are an important part of any property’s fire safety system, and they can help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire. Fire doors should always be closed when not in use and should never be obstructed by furniture or other items.

Benefits of Installing Victorian Fire Doors

Installing Victorian fire doors in your home or business premises has many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Exceptional Design
  • Resistance To Fire
  • Durable And Strong
  • Increases Property’s Value

Exceptional Design

Victoria fire doors are not only designed to provide great protection against fires, but they also look great too. These doors can add a touch of class and elegance to any property, and they can also help to improve its overall appearance.

Resistance To Fire

As we mentioned earlier, Victorian fire doors are made from thicker and more durable materials than standard doors. This makes them much more resistant to fire and heat, and it also means that they will take longer to burn through in the event of a fire.

Durable and Strong

Victorian fire doors are also very durable and strong. They are designed to withstand the heat and flames of a fire, and they will not warp or deform like standard doors can. This makes them ideal for use in properties with a fire risk.

Increases Property’s Value

Installing Victorian fire doors on your property can also increase its value. These doors are seen as a valuable addition to any property, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Can A Victorian Fire Door Resist Fire?

Victorian Fire doors are more robust and can resist fire and smoke for longer than standard doors. If the door has an FD30 rating, it will resist fire for at least 30 minutes. 

What Victorian Fire Door Colours Looks Best In Modern Homes?

Many homeowners prefer white or light-coloured doors as they look best in modern homes. However, many dark-coloured doors can add a touch of elegance to any property 

Why Hiring Professionals For Installing Victorian Fire Doors Is Recommended?

Fire doors are very important in any property as they provide an extra layer of protection against fire and smoke. If they are not installed correctly, they can be ineffective in protecting your property. This is why it is always recommended to hire professionals for their installation 

What Is The Standard Dimension of a Victorian Fire Door?

There is no standard size for a Victorian fire door. However, most doors are around 2 metres tall and 1 metre wide.