1960s Fire Doors

1960s door designs are similar to 1930s doors but feature 3 panels on the top half of the door instead of one panel making a total of 6 panels on the entire door. They say old is gold. We couldn’t agree more. Beautiful vintage doors from the 1960s are coming back to trend. Find yours from our latest collection.

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  • LPD Oak DX 60s Unfinished Internal FD30 Fire Door
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Modern vs. Vintage Designs

With changing times, the styles of the doors have evolved to quite an extent. Amid the modern contemporary homes of the 21st century, vintage-style homes elude the sense of old poetry. Modern homes look for clean geometry, bold colours, and minimalist designs. While traditional homes have soft details, and a mature statement. For a home with such elegance, we have our 1960s Fire Doors. Our simplistic 1960s Fire Doors look authentic and timeless in any space. Be it the corridor or living area or the main entrance, it is made to fit anywhere you want.

Why Do We Need Fire Doors?

Due to rising fire accidents, fire doors have become essential to any property. These are well built with composite material that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Fire doors will not burn easily. The materials used are partially incombustible. If there’s a fire accident in the building, one has at least 30 minutes to leave the place. Fire doors are used to split up hazardous spaces from the rest of the spaces in a building. It can be used as a kitchen door at home or a lab door in schools. If you want to step up the safety and security of your place, fire doors are the most ideal choice.

Our Style

We intend to give you a taste of both beauty and functionality. We have an exclusive collection of stunning fire doors that not only last long but also enhance the aesthetic value of a property. In our store, you will find 1960s Fire Doors in two variants. They are oak and white. We specifically have them due to the popular demand for the colors. Our team of experienced craftsmen and experts are tirelessly working hard towards upgrading the 1960s style collection. 

Choice And Installation

Unfinished 1960s Fire doors: They are to give you the freedom to choose your paint and design. If you want to add a personal touch to your home doors that are exclusive to your home only, unfinished doors are what you should opt for.

Setting up: It may require some time to install unfinished fire doors as half the job is left for the owner to finish. So if you have the patience to carefully design your 1960s fire doors it may be the stand-out piece in your home.

Primed 1960s Fire Doors: These doors come with a coating of high-quality white primer. You can either paint them or keep them as it is. They give the perfect cutesy vintage vibe.

Setting up: It may require less time for installation compared to an unfinished one. But they usually cost a little higher.

For more information, call us anytime. We will do our best to help you find your perfect door.