concealed door sara eco 2 primed
Concealed Door Sara Eco 2 Primed
£581.25£751.25 (inc VAT) Select options

Concealed Door Sara Eco 2 Primed

£581.25£751.25 (inc VAT)

Code: 116844

  • Invisible internal doors – SARA ECO 2 Primed
  • Door leaf width: 720; 820 mm
  • Frames: Aluminum. 3 pcs. hinges
    Filling: Tubular chipboard
  • Production-delivery term: 20 – 40 working days
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Concealed Door Sara Eco 2 Primed door is an innovative solution that allows you to creatively create an interior using invisible doors, giving the opportunity to finish the leaf surface with wall colors. Hidden door hinges are built into the sash and frame and are only visible when the door is open. The concealed frame door is installed in a wall with a thickness of at least 60 mm, so it is suitable for most partitions and load-bearing walls. Due to the hidden framework, which is masked with plaster or plasterboard, the decision to insert them is best made at the stage of wall construction. The size of the opening must be adapted to the dimensions of the door.

COATING: Door leaf primed – ready for painting.

The frame of the door leaf is made of coniferous wood, the filling is “honeycomb”, the exterior is HDF board. With sockets for ISTAR hidden hinges.
Wide surfaces of door leaf are primed and ready for painting or paperhanging (e.q. in the color of the walls). Edges of the leaf are
covered with a paintable edge band. Painting is to be done at one-s discretion or optional choose painted decor.
Door leaf Non-rebated (opens outward), Rebated (opens inward).

OPENING DIRECTION: Selectable for “left“, “right” and “Inward“, “Outward” opening.

Height: 202 cm.
Width: 62 cm; 72 cm; 82 cm; 92 cm.
Thickness: 4 cm.

The aluminum door frame is invisible after installation, built into openings or treated with plasterboard panels. After finishing the masonry, only the cut of the frame is visible, ready for painting, for example, the color of the walls.
You can choose an aluminum frame unpainted or painted white RAL9003Anode.

Width: 69 cm; 79 cm; 89 cm; 99 cm; 109 cm.
Height: 206.2 cm.
Aisle width: 60.5 cm; 70.5 cm; 80.5 cm; 90.5 cm; 100.5 cm.

Width: 69 cm; 79 cm; 89 cm; 99 cm; 109 cm.
Height: 207.2 cm.
Aisle width: 60.5 cm; 70.5 cm; 80.5 cm; 90.5 cm; 100.5 cm.

Door leaf, aluminum frame, magnetic lock, hidden hinges.

ADDITIONALLY CAN BE SELECTED: A set of handles; WC lock; Cylindrical lock with collar; Painted white RAL9003 frame; Anode frame; Additional hinge; Tubular chipboard filling; Ventilation sleeves; Ventilation undercut.

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Outward Opening, Inward Opening

Door Locking

Without Locking, With Lock Cylinder, With WC Thumbturn


Opening Direction

Right, Left



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