LPD Hockey Stick Hardwood

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  • Fire Rated
  • 20.5mm Thickness
  • Ten-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Solid Hardwood Construction
  • Natural Unfinished Condition

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Product details

LPD hardwood hockey stick can resist fire and smoke for up to 30 minutes. The hardwood hockey stick is to be purchased in conjunction with FD30 doors. In addition, the manufacturer offers a ten-year money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

The hardwood hockey stick comes in an unfinished natural condition that allows the buyer to apply any finish according to his requirements. In addition, 20.5mm of thickness with solid hardwood construction ensures high strength and durability. 

LPD Hardwood Hockey Stick Features

  • Fire And Smoke Resistant Up To 30 Minutes
  • Ten-Year Money-Back Guarantee For Buyer’s Peace Of Mind
  • Solid Hardwood Construction That Ensures Strength And Durability
  • The Hockey Stick Hardwood Comes In An Unfinished Natural Condition
  • 20.5mm Thickness Makes The Hockey Stick Hardwood Sturdy And Reliable
  • The Hockey Stick Hardwood To Be Purchased In Conjunction With FD30 Doors

Where to Buy Hardwood Hockey Stick

One of the best places to buy unglazed external doors is Doors Delivered. Call us to get more information about the hockey stick hardwood.

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