LPD Knotty Pine 4P Internal Door
LPD 4P Knotty Pine Internal Door
£82.99 (inc VAT) Select options

LPD 4P Knotty Pine Internal Door

£82.99 (inc VAT)

Code: 77970

  • Stylish And Contemporary Texture
  • Ideal For Internal Applications
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Allow 6 Mm Trimming
  • Pre-Finished Design 
  • Four Vertical Panels 
  • Composite And Solid Core
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Product details

Internal doors play an integral part in beautifying homes. You will find various door designs in the market, but it is wise to choose the one that complements your interior. The LPD’s Knotty Pine 4P internal door has a contemporary and stylish appearance and is one of the best Victorian-style doors in our collection. 

The door can be installed in different locations and ideally fit the existing home décor. Such features make this perfect for installation in the dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. 

The light brown colour of the door gives it a unique and unmatched appearance. The Knotty Pine 4P door will give the house a nostalgic and cosy look. The door comes with four panels which makes the door suitable for traditional and modern home settings. 

The Knotty Pine 4P door comes pre-finished and is ready to install. You do not need to worry about adding additional coatings to the door. Bespoke sizes are also available in the door design. On top of that, the manufacturers have also added oak lipping to the door that gives customers the freedom to trim the door for up to 06mm. You can enjoy a a 10-year defect warranty with this door. 

LPD Knotty Pine 4P Internal Door Features:

  • The Solid Core Construction Ensures Durability And Performance 
  • Oak Lipping Is Installed To The Door Allowing For A 06mm Trimming
  • The 10-Year Money-Back Guarantee Gives The Peace Of Mind The Customers Craves
  • The Door Has Four-Panel Design That Gives A Cosy And Nostalgic Feel 

Where to Buy Knotty Pine 4P Door:

At Doors Delivered, we provide the finest internal victorian doors for your homes and offices. Our expereiced sales team is available to handle all the queries and help you select the best door for the home. Contact us today to place an order for the beautiful Knotty Pine 4P door!

Frequently Asked Questions about LPD 4P Knotty Pine Internal Door

Can the Knotty Pine 4P door be customized to fit non-standard door sizes?

Yes, bespoke sizes are available for the Knotty Pine 4P door design. You can contact Doors Delivered to inquire about the availability of custom sizes and place an order accordingly.

Is the Knotty Pine 4P door pre-finished or does it require additional coatings?

The Knotty Pine 4P door comes pre-finished, which means it is ready to install without the need for additional coatings. This saves you time and effort in the installation process.

Can the door be trimmed to fit a specific doorway?

Yes, the Knotty Pine 4P door is equipped with oak lipping, allowing for up to 6mm of trimming. This feature provides customers with the flexibility to adjust the door’s size to fit their specific doorway.

What kind of warranty does the Knotty Pine 4P door come with?

The Knotty Pine 4P door comes with a 10-year defect warranty, offering customers peace of mind and assurance of its quality and performance.

Where can I purchase the Knotty Pine 4P door?

You can purchase the Knotty Pine 4P door from Doors Delivered, a reputable supplier of internal Victorian doors. Their experienced sales team can assist you with any inquiries and guide you in selecting the best door for your home. Contact them today to place your order.