XL Joinery Pattern 10 Internal White Primed Door
XL Joinery Pattern 10 White Primed Internal Door
£88.99£95.99 (inc VAT) Select options

XL Joinery Pattern 10 White Primed Internal Door

£88.99£95.99 (inc VAT)

Code: 81400

  • Solid Core Engineered Construction
  • Double Coated White Primed Look
  • Ready For Final Finishing Coat
  • Flexible Single Panel Design
  • FSC® Certified Product
  • 10 Years Guarantee By Manufacturers 
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Product details

Pattern 10 Internal White door is one of the best single-panel unglazed options available in the white doors category. The door is made from XL joinery – a company providing stellar services for more than 35 years. You can enjoy massive privacy, as the door is unglazed. It provides a premium feel with its double-coated white primed appearance. 

This stylish door is made from a solid wooden core and the highest quality materials. With an FSC certification, you will know that high-end materials are used in its making. The door is available in 35mm and 40mm densities, and you can choose the one that matches your needs and preferences. 

You will find this door in different size options. Install the same door design in the house to ensure a harmonious look. With the oak lipping, you can trim the door up to 06 mm. A 75mm latch is recommended for this door. 

The solid white door requires three hinges for hanging. You will get a 10-year manufacturer warranty with this pattern 10 internal white door. 

XL Joinery Pattern 10 Internal White Primed Door Features:

  • Solid Core Engineered Construction Offers Performance With Strength And Durability
  • Available In Double Coated White Primer Condition 
  • Ready For Final Finishing Coat As Two Coats Are Already Applied
  • Flexible Single Panel Design Adds Spark To Inside Home
  • FSC® Certified Product Assures High-Quality Product
  • Privacy Is Guaranteed As The Door Is Unglazed 
  • 10 Years Guarantee By Manufacturers Applies For Customer Satisfaction

Where to Buy Pattern 10 Internal White Door:

Pattern 10 Internal White door is a flexible, simple, and elegant door by XL joinery. It is the best option if you want a simple, clean, and robust door to maintain privacy. To make a purchase, please get in touch with Doors Delivered, and we will help you make wise purchasing decisions. A good door can elevate the home’s beauty so add pattern 10 internal white doors to give the home a unique and luxurious look.