XL Joinery Pesaro White Primed Internal Door
XL Joinery Pesaro White Primed Internal Door
£146.99£160.99 (inc VAT) Select options

XL Joinery Pesaro White Primed Internal Door

£146.99£160.99 (inc VAT)

Code: 81759

  • FSC Certified Internal White Door With Full Chain Of Custody
  • Features A Deep U-Groove Design
  • Lipping Allows For Trimming On All Edges
  • Engineered Construction
  • Semi-Solid Core Door
  • Manufacturer Is Offering A Decade-Long Defect Guarantee
  • Ideal For Spaces Where Privacy Is A Concern
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Product details

The Pesaro internal white is a unique curved white primed door that can be used in homes or offices. It is especially a good choice when privacy is a concern since it doesn’t feature any glazing. The door is supplied double-coated, and all set for final finishing. 

The door has undergone engineered construction. As a result, it offers improved stability, strength, and performance. Apart from that, it is FSC certified. Therefore bears the mark of responsible forestry, and you can rest easy knowing that this door was crafted using materials sourced while obeying the UK forestry laws and regulations. 

The Pesaro internal white has a deep U-groove design and comes with lipping. Thanks to the lipping, it can be trimmed up to 6mm from top and bottom to allow for a smooth installation process. The door is a semi-solid core. Therefore, it requires three hinges for its installation. 

The manufacturer suggests that you use a 65mm latch for this particular internal white for best performance results. The manufacturer also backs the door in the form of a ten-year-long defect guarantee. So, you know for a fact that you’re buying a durable internal white door. 

XL Joinery Pesaro Internal White Primed Door Features:

  • Comes With A Complete Chain Of Custody Thanks To The FSC Certification
  • Great For Spaces Where Privacy Is A Concern
  • Comes With A Deep U-Groove Design
  • 10-Year Defect Guarantee Is Being Offered By The Manufacturer
  • Supplied Double-Coated And Is Ready For Final Finishing
  • Engineered Construction Helps Offer Better Stability, Strength, And Performance
  • Can Be Trimmed From The Bottom And Top

Where to Buy Pesaro Internal White Door:

The Pesaro internal white door can easily be integrated into any interior design. Get in touch with Doors Delivered to learn more about this white door and to place your order today!