xl joinery white tricoya double glazed chancery with clear glass
XL Joinery White Tricoya Double Glazed Chancery with Clear Glass
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XL Joinery White Tricoya Double Glazed Chancery with Clear Glass

£517.99 (inc VAT)

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  • Acetylation Process-Based Door
  • Stable and Durable
  • 44mm Door Thickness
  • Single Central Squared Light Panel
  • Multiple Parallel Panel Design
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Product details

XL Joinery Tricoya double-glazed chancery with clear glass uses an acetylation process in its manufacturing. The process makes specific changes in the wood elements that reduce the wood’s ability to absorb moisture and water. Tricoya double-glazed door is more stable and durable as compared to ordinary doors. 

Tricoya double glazed door features a single central square-shaped light panel for a mild inflow of sunlight. The Tricoya double glazed door design features multiple parallel panels that give an elegant and contemporary look.  

XL Joinery Tricoya Double Glazed Chancery with Clear Glass Features

  • Acetylation Process-Based Door That Reduces The Ability Of Wood To Absorb Water
  • Multiple Parallel Panel Design For An Elegant And Contemporary Look
  • 44mm Door Thickness Enables It To Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Scientifically Research-Based Door To Enhance Stability And Durability
  • Single Central Square-Shaped Panel For Mild Inflow Of Sunlight

Where to Buy Tricoya double-glazed Door

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Additional information

Dimensions44 × 1981 × 838 mm

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