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1930s interior style guide

1930s interior style guide 1

Style guide of 1930s doors, hallways, lighting, colors

In the 1930s, people prefer to decorate their houses with artworks, mirrors, and light fittings for interior decoration. They prefer to use original marble, wooden or tiled floors instead of carpets on the floors. Moreover, the style of 1930s doors is trendier and more influential with the impact of bright colors mixed with designs on patterned stained glass. The interior and exterior décor gives a stunning first impression of the vibe and architecture of your home. This article will cover the style guide to 1930s doors, hallways, lighting, and colors.

1930s doors

1930s style doors are simple, elegant, effective, and affordable in price. These doors would look great and adorable with any home decor, regardless of the design and style. The simple design can give a historical vibe in modern features or be used as alternatives in 1930s-era houses to fit the theme. A 1930s style door in your home will not only give the vibe to your home of that era, but it also creates an aesthetic impression for your guests. The aspects of considering the doors of the 1930s are described below:

  • Color

    One of the most significant things to keep in mind when selecting 1930s doors is its color. The 1930s-inspired doors appear great in Chartwell Green, French Navy, and Pearl Grey. However, these give an aesthetic vibe in Cream and White if you want something a little more tasteful. These doors arrive unpainted, too, allowing you to coat your door according to your desire and requirements.

  •  Hardware

    The other factor to consider for the 1930s doors is the hardware. Mainly for these doors, a Historical lock with a finger pull inverted cone has been observed. Moreover, there are various hardware colors present to go for. It’s your requirement what you decide to choose. You can go with classic Bronze or Gold or select Chrome or Graphite to create a modern look for your new door.

  • Design

    The 1930s style doors are distinctive in design by having a basic artwork layout with a single image at the top and three vertical sections down. The design gives a delightfully vintage touch even to the newly built houses. Furthermore, the 1930s doors will make your home stylish, but these will also be fit in size by various size options.

  • Size

    The customized 1930s interior doors are available in a variety of sizes, including 78 X 27(inch), 78 X 30(inch), 78 X 33(inch), and 80 X 32(inch), which are some of the most popular ordinary door sizes. 1930s doors are available in various sizes to help you get according to your need, so you don’t have to worry about modifying the door to meet your framework.

  • Strength

    It is manufactured by the highest quality materials, such as pitch pine, whereas mortice and tenon joints are also added for strength and durability. 1930s doors can help you bring that vintage feel into your newly built or renovated home that you want to decorate with historical objects.


The way you feel and live is reflected in your home design. A nicely furnished home can efficiently make you relax and reduce anxiety. For that, the hallway décor makes them more attractive, comfy, and tempting. You can make your hallway look like a 1930s hallway by adding the following things.

  • Furniture

    To make your hallways look like 1930s hallways, furniture is the main thing to consider. You can put the furniture of that era to feel the vibe. Adding several pieces of furniture is dependent on the space available in your hallways. You can place a hall table with flowers in a vase and picture frame. Some chairs to sit on, you can choose the style and design of the chairs of that era according to your likes. Anglepoise lamps on tables were very popular in that era, and they offered a nice perfect finish to the hallway decor.

  • Hallway storage

    To give your hallway the 1930s vibe, you can add hallway storage for putting things of yours or guests. In the 1930s hallway, hallway storage was added to clean the hallway. You can put a bench in some narrow-covered area for hallway storage or build a wall-mounted cabinet.

  • Mirrors

    Moreover, for different 1930s architecture, you can put mirrors on the walls of the hallways. Also, make your wall color neutral on which you are placing the mirror. It will not only bring you back to that era but also make your hallway classy and nostalgic. Sunburst mirrors were also popular while tanning became more fashionable and having a tan became a status thing.


Lighting and lamps from the 1930s are easy to spot, whether you are looking for outdoor lighting in your entrance or a 1930s design inside your home. In the 1930s, Industrial materials such as chrome, glass, transparent, and frosted glass were used to manufacture lighting. To give a nostalgic and modern vibe to the lighting in the house, you can arrange globes or simple tubes of various widths to produce a lighting artwork.


A 1930s interior is defined by stunning color combinations, which are mainly golds, oranges, blue tones, and grayscale. Tile, parquet flooring, door panels, wall painting, lights, and metal work featured distinctive geometrical patterns.

Simplicity in interior architecture arose from the sleeker version of the style; pure white walls provided a stunning background for shiny, curved staircases and black and white floors. If you live in a house built during this period, you may procreate a 1930s interior by including core elements.

If your home’s original sheeting looks outdated, you can update it by painting the walls in a vibrant 1930s color. It can be a bright yellow, a subtle dark green, or a bright blue, all of which are great for adding the style and vibe of the 1930s era. You can also choose a block print wallpaper or chunky graphic mirrors with curved, polished silver frames to make it more exciting and nostalgic.

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What was the interior design style of the 1930s?

A 1930s interior comes with a few particularities, such as unique color combinations. It is not unusual to find mixes of orange, gold, and blue. The monochrome style was also popular back then, not to mention bold geometrical shapes.

What design era was the 1930s?

Sometimes referred to as the French Arts Decoratifs or Deco, the Art Deco style dominated the 1930s. It was initially introduced in France, two decades before it gained popularity around Europe and the USA. It started gaining popularity in France before World War I.

What was a popular trend in the 1930s?

Sleek lines dominated the 1930s in interior design. Rounded curves were also well implemented. The same trends went into the fashion industry too. All in all, everything related to simplicity and efficiency during the 1930s.

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