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The 1930s Internal Doors Comparison Between LPD Oak DX 30s and PM Mendes Oak 30s

1930s Internal Doors Comparison LPD Oak DX 30s and PM Mendes Oak 30s

The doors in your home should be able to protect you, provide privacy and comfort, and still look good. 

Doors from the 1930s did all these; were classic and simple but still had a chic feel. Also, because they were majorly carved out of pine and oak wood, they were stronger than the new day doors. 

So, 1930s internal doors will be a wonderful place to start if you want to achieve the old-times settings in your home. This article explains the fascinations of these doors while comparing LPD Oak DX 30s and PM Menses Oak 30s.

The 1930s Internal Doors

In the 1930s, internal doors reflected the prevailing architectural styles and design preferences of the era. Characterized by simplicity and functionality, these doors often featured clean lines and minimal ornamentation.

Common materials included wood, particularly oak, and mahogany, showcasing their durability and timeless appeal. Paneled doors were popular, sometimes adorned with geometric patterns or frosted glass inserts to add a touch of elegance.

Overall, 1930s internal doors encapsulated the essence of the era’s design ethos, combining practicality with subtle sophistication

LPD Oak DX 30s: Complete Breakdown Of the 1930s Internal Doors

LPD Oak DX 30s

Before picking a door, you must know the features and specs. That way, you see if they align with the goals you set to achieve with the doors. It must be useful on all fronts and not for the decorations alone. 

So, here are the features and specs of the LPD Oak DX 30s internal door. 

  • The LPD Oak doors are majorly fire doors. Therefore, they can hold up for at least thirty minutes in case of a fire. 
  • The manufacturers provide space for a 2mm trimming on all sides to help the door fit perfectly into the frames. 
  • They are available in different sizes. 
  • The cores have a solid construction. 
  • LPD Oak DX 1930s internal doors are delivered ready for stain or paint. 
  • There is a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The door is 40mm thick. 

One notable feature of the LPD Oak door is that it comes in many other variations. Nevertheless, remember that each door may have a different warranty law, so always ask about the doors you pick individually. 

How Much Does the LPD Oak DX 30s Door Cost?

The LPD Oak DX 30s doors have different prices since they all have different specs from each other.

Below are some of the doors and their prices: take a look for an idea.

  • LPD Oak DX 30s unfinished, unglazed internal door costs £120, including VAT. 
  • LPD Oak DX 30s internal door costs from £109 to £174.99
  • LPD DX 30s unfinished with frosted glass (glazed internal door) costs £149.99

Please note that prices may be a little higher or lower. Especially if you have any special additions you’d like to make to the doors before they are delivered. 

PM Mendes Oak 30s: Exploring the Features of this Internal Door

PM Mendes

PM Mendes is considered a very good company, popular for their quality. All their engineers have a special “preferred engineered construction” method for door production. 

Let’s take a look at some of the door specs and features: 

  • These doors are darker than the finished LPD Oak DX 30s doors. 
  • The lipping is a 10mm solid oak that goes 5mm at the top and bottom. 
  • It is supplied unfinished, so it is a great choice if you want to add some finishing touches to your doors. 
  • The more common size is 1981×762×35mm and a weight of 24kg. 
  • The dimensions are 35×762×1981mm. 
  • There is a version of this door with three and four panels, so you get options to pick from. 

How Much Does the PM Mendes Oak 30s Internal Door Cost? 

The PM Mendes Oak 1930s internal doors have different variations and specs, which will cost differently. Therefore, here are some of the doors with their current price range. 

  • PM Mendes Oak 1930 Light unglazed door (3 unfinished panels) costs £143.64.
  • PM Mendes Oak 1930 4-panel door. This door costs £143.64

There is a major difference to look out for between these two door companies. Regarding getting the 1930s internal doors, LPD has more Oak door options than PM Mendes. Which means you have more variety to pick from at LPD. 

Getting a good option for doors not in vogue can be difficult. Prices may be high, and delivery might pose an issue. However, you do not have to worry. You can let professionals sort out all your problems, including delivering the doors to your doorstep. 

DoorsDelivered is a business with the experience and training to provide you with the best doors at good retail prices straight from the manufacturers. 

Final Thoughts

The features, durability, and specs of both the LPD Oak DX 30s and PM Mendes Oak DX 30s have been highlighted as best as possible above. Hence, making your pick easy when you are ready to go vintage and get any of the 1930s internal doors. 

A rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for the door that’s more pocket-friendly but still has good quality. However, the last lap falls to you. Having gone through this piece, you should now be able to pick the best door for your home and family.

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