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6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits.

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 1

Mixing timber with glass brings you the best of both worlds – character and warmth, and a way to invite more natural light to penetrate through a space. Glazed doors are made using a mix of 99% calcium silicate and one percent water. While the rest of this glaze is white, metallic oxides or dyes can change the color. Glazing effects are created by putting different thicknesses on ceramic objects – thicker parts receive less light, so they appear darker. When combined with various colors and patterns in the clay-fired surface itself, these effects create stunning visual accents on any home. Below are 6 types of glazed doors with their benefits.

1. Hinged single door

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 2

A hinged door is a door that is attached to the frame at one side only and usually swings on hinges. Hinged doors are commonly found in residential properties, shops, restaurants, and offices. These glazed doors are popularly used in homes as they can be opened using a single person, and they are easy to install.


  • Simple installation: Hinged doors can be installed by hanging them on their hinges or installing them with guides that make them slide into place easily. It takes just a few minutes for an experienced person to install a hinged door.
  • Low maintenance: Hinged single doors require very little or no maintenance. They are durable and long-lasting, so there is no need to repair them often.
  • Environmentally friendly: Hinged doors help reduce heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. In summers, they protect people from UV rays while also saving energy in winters.

2. French doors

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 3

French doors are elegant and exclusive doors that open like regular doors, except they have hinges at the top and bottom. These glazed doors are mostly used in houses and commercial buildings. You can use these doors to create a different atmosphere in their interiors or let rainwater flow freely into the garden from the sides of their windows.



  • Secure: French doors will provide you with the privacy you need. However, you also get the added benefit of security. With their solid construction, any movement from your oncoming visitor will be noted immediately by the alarm system using a dual entryphone system.
  • Pressure resistant: French doors are also known to resist more pressure than simple glazed doors when forced open. They are popular with people who live in high rise apartments and live in areas that experience coastal flooding during high tide.
  • Stylish: French doors can provide a look as well as function. The double door design pairs perfectly together and complements any exterior style you may look for.
  • Environmental friendly: French doors will help save on your energy bill and conserve water because they are made of a reflective material that helps reduce heat. These glazed doors are also known to keep out bugs with their ability to seal properly.

3. Bi-fold doors

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 4

Bi-fold doors are double-hinged halves of wood hinged together at both sides to open. The two halves of a bi-fold door slide over one another when they open and can be locked together with a sliding bolt at their meeting point. It means that the size of a bi-fold door will increase when it opens, and it can be difficult to close them with this type of mechanism if they have been opened wide enough to allow people through with large items such as pushchairs or shopping bags.


  • Save space: The glazed doors save space by folding up against the wall when not being used. It means they can be left open during the day for an airy feeling.
  • Allow ease of access: Bi-fold doors also allow for ease of access. They’re also great for small businesses, such as coffee shops, where a narrow door can prevent customers from entering and exiting easily.
  • Secure: Bi-fold doors have a heavy bottom that allows for a different way to ensure they are closed, making them harder to open from the outside.

4. Pivot doors

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 5

Pivot doors are not your typical door that opens and closes like a swinging door. It is a sliding door with two panels joined together with hinges and rollers on the other. The roller part will slide effortlessly to the left or right, allowing you to walk through it and turn around in most cases (depending on the design). You will notice this most in restaurants, where all stools point in the same direction for easy access.


  • Allow ease of access – A pivot door can be used in any home or business that needs easy access from one side to another without opening up large swinging doors such as when cooking or hosting guests.
  • Easy to install – Pivot doors can also be easily installed in most existing walls of your home. These glazed doors are also very easy to install at the end of a hallway, where you normally could not install a swinging door.

5. Sliding doors

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 6

Sliding doors are a very efficient form of wooden or metal door that allows for the whole width of the sliding element to be lifted and slid shut. They are especially useful in hallways or other tight spaces like staircases where there is not enough space to open a typical door.


  • Used as fire exits: These doors are often used as fire exits, but they can also provide extra privacy, keep drafts out, and even let you see only one side of the room as well.
  • Good for pet lovers: Many people choose sliding doors rather than regular doors because they are bigger and can easily fit a pet such as an animal or child through them, while also giving overall better security at the same time. Sliding doors will open up enough for even small pets to get through them compared to opening up regular doors that are usually at least 5 inches thick.
  • Allows natural light: Sliding doors also have windows or overhangs to let light in from the hallway. It is very useful in hallways and similar areas since it will not just block the room from being seen entirely but also add to its overall appearance.

6. Stacking doors

6 Glazed Doors Types and Their Benefits. 7

Stacking doors are a hot topic in design and architecture. They’ve been gracing residential homes for years, and they’ve recently become all the rage as a way to save space for cramped urban homes. These glazed doors are more attractive than other options because they have crisp, clean lines and may be made from different materials like glass and wood. It means they can break up the boring look of your front door with something new and modern.


  • Transparency: Stacking doors are made to open up the space behind them, giving you a clear view through the door to offer visual access without compromising security or intimacy. It opens up your home or office for increased airflow and natural light.
  • Difficult to break into: Door hardware is often made from metal and is durable. It helps prevent burglaries because it would be very difficult for anyone to break down a traditional door without knocking it down first.
  • Allow natural light: Stacking doors will often leave a gap between them wide enough to allow sunlight through to the inside of your house.

Do you want to give your home an elegant, clear-cut style but not like wood? Consider glazed doors instead. They offer the same prestige as their wooden counterparts but are much more affordable and easier to maintain.

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Are glazed doors safe?

Internal glazed doors are just as good as solid core doors. There are numerous health and safety standards they need to follow, so buying from a reputable supplier will ensure a solid piece. Most commonly, the glass is toughened for increased resistance.

Are glazed doors fire rated?

It depends. Some doors come with fire ratings, while others do not. Those with fire ratings obviously have fire resistant glass in their composition. Despite being unusual, the truth is fire doors can actually incorporate glass into their designs if the glass has the same rating.

What is the difference between panel doors and glazed doors?

Doors with built in glass panes are referred to as glazed doors. These panes can come in different sizes, as well as unique patterns. They may seem delicate, but quality doors actually come with toughened glass for increased security and resistance.

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