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6 ways to refurbish your doors without damaging them

xl joinery ravenna pre finished internal walnut door

We prefer to pick the most cost-effective components when buying or building our first home to not go over target. When it comes to doors, this is usually the case. 

Although, after a few years, we must determine whether to substitute or renew them based on their appearances. 

The first step in deciding whether to preserve or repair your doors is to inspect them to see whether they are simple and quick to fix. When they reach this stage, you can choose to refurbish your door without damaging or removing them from their place. 

Have we piqued your curiosity? Read on!

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You should give your doors a fresh look if you are bored of them, but they are in good shape. Painting them is the easiest alternative, whether you do it yourself or employ an artist. It’s also possible to do it without taking the door apart. 

Choose a finish and add the paint or enamel after the door has been prepped for painting. Water-based paints are safer to use because they are non-toxic and do not produce heavy odours.

Accessorize your door

Replace the accessories if you think the door is in fine shape and only needs a little flair. It will have a one-of-a-kind look with new handlebars or an old-fashioned one from an antique shop. 

You may also incorporate a knocker, a ring for the peephole, fasteners, blades, and other metalwork items, or create a swinging door for your pet cat. You’ll have to invest a little, but it’ll make a big difference with the way it looks.

Replace the partitions of glass

If you have a glass frame, replacing the screens will give it a new appearance. Transparent glass lets in more natural sunlight, while reflective panes offer more protection and are ideal for restrooms and bedrooms.

Incorporate metallic elements

Decorate your doors with metallic components to give them a sleek appearance. To make your door look brand-new, replace the knob or cover it with metal bars. Consult an expert if you’re not sure what to do. 

Purchase all of the components you’ll need, as well as some industrial surface adhesive. Consider using pins to lock the metal in position if the door is outside and open to harsh weather conditions. Remember to include the glazed windows, door jamb, and joists. 

Apply a weather-resistant coating or lubricant to them that matches the exterior.

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Emphasize their unique qualities

If you have an old door, make it stand out. Reconstruction is key. 

To close crevices and holes, use plaster. Sanding the raw edges and scraping the old coats of paint and varnish will assist with removing the scratched out and dried timber so that it can be coated at a later point. 

Apply a fresh coat of paint or varnish with a faded look similar to that of old or antique furniture. This will give a unique look to your home.

Add a creative touch

If you’re an artist at heart who is also a DIY connoisseur, making stained-glass windows will give your door a modern look without having to alter it. Use unique acrylic paints for glass to paint an image or illustration that you like!


Exterior doors are made of uPVC, aluminium, or wood. Their surfaces are normally designed to help increase their durability and avoid repairs due to environmental factors. Internal doors, on the other hand, aren’t quite like that. 

The majority of internal doors are made of wood and are either unfinished, designed, or lacquered. Some internal doors need a bit more TLC than others. 

Nevertheless, refurbishing an old door can be a fun activity to do as it boosts your creativity and improves your hidden artistic skills. So, go ahead and release your inner artist!

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How do you refurbish a door?

Remove the hardware and sand all the flat areas. Clear all the dust, then seal the edges. Decide on the right finish and apply at least a couple of coats. Once fully dry, you can reattach the hardware, then reattach the door to its frame.

How do you get old paint off doors?

There are tools you can use to strip paint off a door, but you can also sand it. It takes longer, but it is safer. Moreover, you may not necessarily need to remove all the paint, especially if you opt for a different type of paint and not just wax. The idea is to create a rough surface for the new finishing.

How do you remove paint from wood without sanding?

A paint stripper is easier to use than sandpaper, but also more effective. It is usually available as a paste or gel. It works wonders on wood, especially on large surfaces, such as doors. It can be used on fine details without damaging them too.

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