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A Brief Guide to Internal Panel Doors

xl joinery classique 2 panel internal white moulded door

Next to sliding glass doors, panel doors are probably the second most popular door design. There are many reasons for this. Panel doors have advanced more than any other type of door design over the last 10 years. What is a panel door? It is simply wood or metal that is attached to pieces of sheetrock on each side and then finished out with panel moulding and/or base moulding and then topped off with glass {or plexiglass if using pvc coated}. The reason these doors offer such variety in design is that your imagination only limits them.

A Brief Guide to Internal Panel Doors 1

Different styles

Panel doors refer to internal doors that have vertical and horizontal panel designs on them. These door styles can either make rooms look elegant or can make them look dingy and old. There are a lot of different types of panel doors that one can use for their homes.

Both raised panel and flat panel doors are surrounded with panels, but they differ depending on the number of panels. Raised panel doors are made up by even-numbered panels, while the flat panel door consists of an odd number of panels.

Why buy Panel Doors?

Many people believe that all panel doors are basically the same. That’s because many of them are similar designs. But you know what they say…all roses have thorns! The most common type of door is the solid wood panel door, which is normally used in retrofit or new construction applications. 

Panel doors are gaining in popularity. Why? Several reasons. The new approach to interior door design offers several important advantages over traditional solid doors. Many are also available with high-performance features, which further increase the product’s performance, durability and value. Understanding these features and how they work is an important part of the buying decision.

Panel doors are especially popular in the UK. Internal Panel doors can easily be suited to any interior, whether modern or traditional. They are also highly durable, meaning they will surely stand the test of time.

Installing a panel door on the inside of a home

When installing a panel door on the inside of a home, it’s recommended that you use guide rails with a bottom track. The bottom track will help keep the door in place and together while moving it through the door frame by using either a top-hinged or side-hinged door. The top or side hinge is up to the installer’s preference.

A Brief Guide to Internal Panel Doors 2


At Doors Delivered, we understand how important it is to get the right design for your home, regardless of your size requirements. If you cannot find the right size for you, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. We offer a bespoke service on a wide range of products on our website. With IDUK, you can be sure to find the right design for you. Never compromise design for the sake of practicality. 

Doors Delivered is a primary supplier of internal doors in the UK. Offering installation services too, our company has gained notoriety for the full service and the impressive variety of styles and designs. No matter what kind of interior you have, we are confident that you will find something suitable in our range of oak doors, white doors, internal glazed doors, walnut doors, pine doors.


Do panel doors warp?

Like all types of wooden doors, it depends on the materials used. Solid high density wood is less likely to warp too soon. Plus, your engineered cores and oak veneers also tend to resist humidity. Constant exposure to humidity can eventually cause all wooden doors to warp a little.

Can you paint panel doors?

Just like other types of doors, panel doors can be painted. In fact, if the door comes in a prefinished or unfinished state, you should actually give it a layer of protection. Apart from paint, you can also opt for varnish or wax. It normally depends on the exposure to other elements.

Can you install a panel door yourself?

Apart from the actual design, there are no major differences between panel doors and regular flat doors. If you have installed a traditional door before, chances are you will be able to install a panel door as well. The procedure is identical.

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