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A helpful guide on the installation of fire doors

a helpful guide on the installation of fire doors

The installation of fire door assemblies and doorsets is critical for the overall safety of a building, which means that any professional fire door installer takes care to ensure that every step of the process is done correctly.

Installing fire doors correctly is as important as choosing the right fire door for your home, so check that your construction around a fire door is at least the same rating as the fire door itself.

A helpful guide on the installation of fire doors 1

Essential checks when installing fire doors

  •  The fire door should have a label or plug that should specify any certification.
  • FD30 certification should be supplied with the door itself. This should also contain instructions for installation.
  • Check the door frame specs to ensure they match up with the fire door’s rating.
  • Check the ironmongery is compatible with the fire door.
  • The proper intumescent seals must be installed along with the fire door (essential).
  • Any gaps between the door frame and the wall must be tightly sealed with appropriate fire material such as glass wool or mineral.
  • It is recommended that you seek professional help before cutting apertures on-site to avoid voiding any certification.

Essential checks after installation of fire doors

  • Can the door shut firmly? Check that the gaps around the door are consistent and less than 3-4mm when closed. Check for any apparent splits, cracks or chunks missing from the door. A trick is to use a £1 coin as a method of checking.
  • The door must be able to close firmly on the latch regardless of the angle of opening.
  • Check that the maximum clearance has not been overreached. You may want to check this if you see the light coming through the bottom of the fire door.
  • Three hinges should be used, and they should be firmly installed.
  • Ensure there are no missing screws.
  • Doors in non-domestic buildings and common areas in flats should have the relevant signage. Check this is applied if needed.

Why do they need FD30 certification?

If you’re buying fire doors, you might be wondering why it’s crucial to have FD30 certification. FD30 certification is an integral part of fire door safety. It’s the mark of a quality fire door manufactured under rigorous guidelines to ensure that it meets all laws and regulations. 

Fire doors must pass specific tests to be certified by the FD30 certification agency. The requirements ensure that the fire door can resist flames for up to 30 minutes, which is plenty of time for occupants to exit a building in case of a fire. Fire doors must be able to withstand temperatures of 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius) for 30 minutes without breaking open. That makes them more than capable of holding back flames during a fire.

When there is a requirement for fire doors in your home, you need to pay close attention to whether or not they meet codes. The right kind of fire doors can save many lives if they are in the right place at the right time. We always recommend seeking a professional for the installation of fire doors. We hope this article has been of some use.

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Can I install fire doors myself?

You can install a fire door yourself if you have a bit of experience. A correct installation is critical. If you have no clue what you are doing, hire a professional to get the job done. The door should also be tested for its fire certification once the installation is over.

Can a fire door be fitted to an existing frame?

If the previous fire door was the exact same type and size, then it is possible. Other than that, getting a fire door into a standard door frame is not a good idea. They are not compatible and will affect the performance of your fire door. The fire rating may also be useless then.

Can fire doors be painted?

You can usually paint a fire door, but there are a few general rules to follow. For example, the intumescent strip on some fire doors should be left clear. After all, you do not want to compromise the role of the door. Many doors are bought in an unfinished state, so painting is actually recommended.

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