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Choose contemporary and classic doors?

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When designing your home, there are always a few things to consider, i.e. safety measures, colours, practicality, and more. However, one thing requires a lot of consideration and consciousness, and that’s the overall style you choose for your home. Are you looking for a classic, artistic design, or a more modern-looking home? The choice of contemporary or classic doors can go a long way to matching the style you seek.

When it comes to installing a new interior door, it can seem challenging, as you need to be aware of each of its associated aspects and factors. Once you have chosen the door style, then can you decide on the colour.

To help you through this, this guide on two basic styles can assist you before making a final decision.

Contemporary Doors

As these are related to the style of “Modern”, these doors do update and change. However, it usually includes innovative designs, solid colours, and a sleek overall feel to your home, which moves people towards going for that modern look.

Contemporary doors experts at Doors Delivered will support you in making the right decision. In this way, your property would get a highly sophisticated, excellent-quality finish. Also, the precise positioning of your doors can add space to your interior, making a room feel more spacious.

Classic Doors

Classic doors can create a warm and welcoming feeling in a home if used correctly. They tend to carry more substantial designs and raised panels and sometimes with raised mouldings surrounding the sides too.

Take the current style of your interior into consideration. If you have done something dramatically different to your home, such as installing ultra-modern kitchens and bathrooms, it may be more challenging to create a classic look to your interior.

A Growing Trend towards Contemporary Styles

Each of the door types is associated with specific requirements and aspects. It also depends upon your personal preference and taste. However, it becomes more challenging to sustain the overall period look for your home when you go for classical doors.

Contemporary styles of doors are growing in popularity in the UK and Europe for several reasons.

  • They require a minimal amount of accents and furnishings.
  • They have clean architectural lines.
  • They can make the space in which they are installed, look larger, with a more modern look.

For a contemporary look for your interior, Doors Delivered provides an unbeatable range of modern doors. Several wood finishes; walnut, oak, greys, black internal doors, and white internal doors. In either contemporary styled panelled or flush designs. Some with clear or frosted glazing. And lastly, there are fire door options with most designs also!

Doors Delivered is one of the most popular door suppliers in the UK. Our company offers oak doorswhite doorsinternal glazed doorswalnut doors, and pine doors in numerous styles and designs to match any type of interior. Feel free to go through our categories and find something fit for your rooms.

We promise that you will find the right style of door for your home. Call us now on 0207 770 6506.


What is a contemporary door?

A contemporary door is most commonly defined by simple and sleek hardware. On the same note, edges are usually straight without standing out too much. Silver is a common option in terms of hardware coloring.

Should all doors in the house be same style?

When choosing interior doors for your home, you can choose the same design for doors. On the same note, you can also choose different styles. There should be some similarity, though, whether it is the color, style, or finish. After all, you want a bit of consistency, but it is still not a general rule.

Do solid core doors add value?

Hollow core doors are, indeed, cheaper and lighter in weight. However, they tend to add less value to your home. Besides, they are more fragile, so they are likely to last less. Solid core doors provide better insulation too.

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