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Finding The Right Door Designs To Suit Your Home

xl joinery portici pre finished oak internal glazed door with clear glass

Internal doors are not only needed from a security standpoint but can add to your home’s style statement. This makes it essential for you to choose the correct door designs that go well with your interior. Here, we will help you find the perfect door designs for your home.

Choosing From Different Door Styles

There are several door designs for you to choose from. You can either go for modern-day sliding or folding doors or the traditional open and close doors. Depending on the look you are going for, you can mix and match door styles.

Generally speaking, people prioritise the designs of the doors on their home’s ground floor over the ones located upstairs. 

However, pre-planning your internal doors’ style scheme can help you get just the right look. This involves their colour, material finish, orientation, and deciding the direction towards which they open. 

While planning your interior doors, you’d need to consider different glazed inserts, timbers, cross-directional grains, and several colour options. The following are among the most popular internal door styles –


1. Bi-folding

As the name suggests, these doors can fold in two ways, both inwards and outwards. Consequently, bi-folding doors prove efficient space savers and offer open-plan aesthetics. The added privacy and convenience make them a popular fit in most modern homes.

2. Pocket Doors

Another space-efficient option is to go for pocket doors. These stylish internal doors can go inside the wall’s cavity on being open. It is like having a disappearing door. 

3. Flush Designs

Flush designs or architrave-free doors are among the most commonly used internal doors. These feature simple, traditional door designs and have plain facings on the front and the backside. 

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4. Crittall-style Doors

Crittall-style doors are the ones with aluminium or steel frame featuring glass panels. With their stylish black bars, these doors make for an excellent choice for interior doors. In addition to saving space, they also ensure bright light filters from one room to another. 

5. Frameless Doors

If you are looking for a seamless, modern style, try going for frameless doors. Though slightly pricier than other door designs, these invisible frame doors provide the benefit of being corrosion-free. 

6. Large-size Doors

Another trending door design consists of installing oversized, tall doors. Keeping up with the contemporary popularity of vaulted ceilings, architects have improved upon the proportion of doors as well. This helps give your house a complete, complementary look. 

It goes without saying that switching from standard doors to large ones will affect your budget. This is particularly true for a full-length 2.4m-high door which would require durable hinges or pivots.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to finding the right door designs for your home, you have a plethora of options to choose from. What is important here is that you pay attention to your requirements and home décor. 

If you want a spacious living setting, you can get bi-folding or pocket doors. Similarly, you can choose between frameless or framed doors, depending upon how well they complement your house.

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What is the most popular door style?

Wood doors in different designs represent the most popular option out there. Metal and fiberglass doors follow up closely, while flush and panel doors are not to be overlooked either. Pocket, French, and patio doors complete the chart.

What is the new trend for interior doors?

Shaker doors represent one of the trendiest styles these days. They are practical and simple, but also well done. They have crisp lines and can be adjusted for any type of interior. They work wonders in ultra modern homes, as well as classic interiors. The appearance is simply timeless.

What color door is popular now?

The trending door color style is based on bold nuances. In fact, everything in interior design relies on bold colors. For example, you can opt for blue, teal, yellow, or bright red. These are some of the most popular options out there, but make sure they also complement the interior style.

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