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Fire Doors

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Fire doors are a little different from the other types of fire protection equipment because they have to be maintained and tested regularly. This means that you need to invest in a good quality fire door and make sure that it is in proper working condition. Although you may be tempted to cut corners, this is not an area where skimping is appropriate.

What Is a Fire Door?

A fire door protects people and property by containing a fire in one area. There are two main types of fire doors: those that protect an area by providing a barrier and those that provide egress from an area when there is a fire. Both types of doors are essential for keeping people out of harm’s way in an emergency.

How do I know if I need a fire door?

Fire doors are a requirement in a commercial building, like an office or school, but you may be wondering whether you need one at home. When a new build or home renovation has three or more floors, fire doors must be fitted to every habitable room that leads from the stairwell.

How do fire doors work?

Fire doors are constructed from one or more layers of timber and/or other materials, and they either block the flow of smoke and flames or slow them down significantly.

Fire doors are designed to seal off the inside of a room so that the fire cannot gain access. The doorframe is considered part of the door and must be specially made to ensure that it seals properly when closed.

Fire Door Safety Checklist

With the importance of fire doors in the home, you should know what to look for when inspecting your doors and frames.

Fire doors are an essential safety feature in all homes. They ensure your escape route is protected from flames, heat, and smoke, giving you time to get out of your property quickly. The number of fire doors installed in a house depends on its size and design, but you likely have more than one in your home.

Checking fire doors regularly is vital to ensure they work correctly and protect you and your family. Here’s our checklist for keeping them safe:

• How old are the door and frame?

• Is the door hung correctly?

• Is there any damage to the door or frame?

• Are there any broken parts or screws missing?

• Is the seal still intact?

• Does the door close properly? Does it automatically shut when released?

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How long can a fire door withstand flames?

You can normally find fire doors with more certifications. The FD30 certification ensures the door can withstand flames for 30 minutes. Some doors go further than that and can bring in the FD90 certification, which offers 90 minutes of fire resistance.

Can you have a 30 minute fire door in a 60 minute wall?

When it comes to internal doors, there are no rules. Such rules apply to compartment walls that separate buildings. In such cases, the fire resistance of the door must match the fire resistance of the wall.

Can you drill into a fire door?

Double check with the manufacturer, but normally, drilling into a fire door can affect or compromise its fire resistance.

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