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The Best Frosted Glass Internal Door LPD Pattern Vs LPD Mexicano

The Best Frosted Glass Internal Door LPD Pattern Vs LPD Mexicano

Ascertaining the perfect frosted glass door will require comparing LPD Pattern and LPD Mexicano. Despite the two companies producing good internal glass doors, you can only go for one. 

This article will enlighten you on the merits and demerits of picking one over the other. Ultimately, you should be able to weigh your options and pick the right one for your house.  

What Is a Frosted Glass Internal Door?

Are you looking for the best internal doors that stay pretty but do not block out lights? That is what frosted glass internal doors are all about. It makes a great deal for private spaces and an opaque interior. 

Furthermore, there are many advantages to picking frosted glass internal doors for your home or office. These doors are a great way to provide office privacy but still not block out people completely. Segmentation instead of division is what these frosted glass doors are made for. 

So, for the kids’ room, bathroom door, or even the pantry, frosted glass internal doors are a great go-to. 

Subsequently, people have started accustoming themselves to these doors, making the demand chain longer. As long as the demand is high, more companies will step up to meet these market goals. 

Along the line, a tie ensued between LPD Pattern and LPD Mexicano frosted glass internal doors. 

While they offer distinct functionality and aesthetics, you cannot buy all the doors. So, let’s compare and see which frosted glass internal door is the best between Pattern and Mexicano. 

However, before heading on, consider some features and factors to note. These will help you pick the right door at the end of the day. 

  • Functionality. 
  • Durability. 
  • Availability. 
  • Fire resistance. 
  • Material.
  • Color. 
  • Finishing. 
  • Glazing. 
  • Prices. 
  • Size. 
  • The lighting condition in your space.

These are all factors to look out for when picking a frosted glass internal door for your home or office. 

Who Has the Best Frosted Glass Internal Door Between LPD Pattern and LPD Mexicano?

To know which company has the best doors, we must compare their individual specs and features. 

Specs and Features of the LPD Pattern Frosted Glass Internal Door

LPD Pattern Frosted Glass Internal Door

Below is all the information on the best-selling LPD Pattern frosted glass internal door. 

The most popular LPD pattern frosted glass door is the LPD Pattern 10 1L. This door is made primarily from oak and comes glazed and unfinished. 

Some of its features and specs are: 

  • It is certified by the FSC. 
  • It is supplied unfinished. 
  • It comes ready to stain or paint. 
  • The door has a solid construction. 
  • The door’s glass is a toughened obscure safety glass. 
  • The manufacturers offer a 10-year guarantee in the case of any defects. 
  • The door’s dimensions are 35×533×1981mm. 
  • It comes in several sizes ranging from 2040×726×49mm to 2032×813×35mm. 
  • The door is designed to allow trimming of 6mm on every side. 
  • The height of the LPD Pattern frosted glass door is 1981,2032,2040. And it has a thickness of 35,40. 

You should go for this door if you want a traditional and contemporary interior in your home or office. There is no way to achieve a graceful feel at home than installing an LPD pattern frosted glass internal door. The pricing for an LPD pattern-10 door starts at £145.99 and can be sold for up to £162.99

Specs and features of LPD Mexicano Frosted Glass Internal Door 

LPD Mexicano Frosted Glass Internal Door 
LPD Mexicano Frosted Glass Internal Door













LPD Mexicano has a wider range of internal doors with frosted glass to pick from. Some of them include the following:

  • The LPD Mexicano Pattern 10. This door has 1L clear glass with frosted lines. It comes unfinished and glazed. 
  • Second is the LPD Mexicano Pattern 10 pre-finished internal door. It is made of oak and glass. 
  • Then, there’s the Laminated Mexicano LPD door. It is a light grey option for the internal door. 
  • Finally, there’s the LPD Mexicano Internal FD30. This fire door is light oak in colour and is 1L clear with frosted lines. 

Note that the LPD Mexicano has more doors with frosted glass options than the LPD pattern. 

Some of the general specs of the LPD Mexicano frosted glass internal doors are:

  • All the doors have an engineered construction. 
  • There are ten glazed panels. 
  • The doors are FSC-certified. 
  • There is a 10-year warranty. 
  • The LPD Mexicano Pattern 10 1L door is great for dark places. 
  • They are made of oak and veneer. 
  • The Dimensions start at 35×686×1981mm. It can go higher if you go for a larger door. 
  • The doors have a height of 1981 and widths of 838, 762, and 686. 
  • Because of the glazed panels, the doors allow ample light flow into the house or office. 

The pricing for these doors starts at £146.99 and goes up to £699.99 depending on the door specs you settle for. 

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Final Thoughts 

Frosted internal doors are essential to creating a timeless traditional look in the house. However, you must always be careful when purchasing one. Ensure you communicate well with the retailer and discuss measurements and specs. Choosing the right door for your home or office can now be a walk in the park. 

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