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The Best Grey Internal Doors LPD Vancouver Vs. Deanta Torino

Grey Internal Doors

Uniqueness and elegance are the order of the day when redecorating or building modern homes. But what is more elegant and unique than grey internal doors? 

When picking grey doors for your home or buildings,  many factors come into play. These factors include but are not restricted to temperature and sound control for maximum privacy and comfortability. 

LPD’s Vancouver and Deanta Torino compete most among internal door companies. However, due to their popularity and high market demand, it is natural to feel confused about which to go for. Therefore, this article provides a detailed and comparative review of both doors.

LPD Vancouver Vs. Deanta Torino: Comparing Specs and Aesthetics

Generally, people use internal doors to separate spaces and beautify the house, giving it the feel of a home. Considering these, there are certain specs you must watch out for before purchasing an internal door. 

Below is a comparison based on aesthetics between the LPD Vancouver grey internal door and the Deanta Torino ones:

LPD Vancouver:  

LPD Vancouver

The LPD Vancouver grey internal doors come in many shades of grey, giving you a wide range. This color grading benefits people who do not want to repaint their doors, especially those with disabilities. 

Their current shades of grey internal doors include:

  • Light grey internal door
  • Charcoal grey internal doors.
  • Ash grey internal doors and a few other colors.

Also, the LPD Vancouver doors have some uncommon shapes for new house designs and modern picks. 

Deanta Torino:

Deanta Torino

Regarding grey internal doors, Deanta Torino has a more limited shade range and design collection. Nevertheless, they can offer bespoke consultations, but remember that this may cost more than the regular designs. Before opting for this door, you must understand your needs and ensure they align before purchasing. 

Note: the comparison above is only based on the physical aesthetics of the doors.

Specs Of the LPD Vancouver and Deanta Torino Grey Internal Doors

These are the specs of fully completed and ready-to-sell grey internal doors from LPD and Deanta. 

The LPD Vancouver Grey Internal Doors 

  • Thick (40mm) and fully finished 
  • Need three hinges to hang to the wall 
  • They come in sizes of 78″ x 24″, 27″, 30″, and 33″

The Deanta Torino Grey Internal Doors

  • Have a solid core, 
  • Comes in 1981 x 838 x 35mm (H×W×D) dimensions 

Besides the market specs of the doors, the features they come with are also important to note. 

Below is a table highlighting the features of LPD Vancouver and Deanta Torino’s grey internal doors.


Deanta Torino

It has a 10-year guarantee The doors have a 10-year warranty from Deanta.
They are predominantly made of oak wood. FSC® certified
The doors come fully furnished.  It can be reduced by 32mm in width and height.
All doors are made using engineered wood parts. It can be made to bespoke options. 
The doors may require spray painting. The doors are unglazed.


LPD Vancouver or Deanta Torino: Which Doesn’t Break the Bank?


It is good to look at the quality and aesthetics of a door. However, you must also remember that a price range will contribute greatly to which door you finally pick. The most budget-friendly doors should be your go-to option, as that is the smartest financial decision. 

Here is a general price range for each of the doors. 

LPD Vancouver’s internal grey doors cost around £228.99-£260.00. On the other hand, the Deanta Torino grey internal doors cost around £199-£230. 

Going by these prices, getting a fully finished Deanta Torino grey door is cheaper than an LPD Vancouver one. 

However, keep in mind that these prices may be subject to change. Especially if you have any special requests or want to go for bespoke versions and your delivery location.

Getting a good retailer for LPD Vancouver or Deanta Torino grey internal doors can be a hassle. Many fear getting a different door from the one they ordered or getting a different quality entirely.  

However, rest assured; you do not have to look far and wide. Visit DoorsDelivered for the best deals for the most beautiful grey internal doors. With DoorsDelivered, you can forget the worries of receiving subpar-quality or overpriced doors. 

Final Thoughts

It is always important to get the best furniture for your house. Quality furniture saves you the costs of frequent repairs and replacements. While there are so many options in the market, the competition still thrives harder between the top two companies. 

Regardless of the general specs and features of both doors, your go-to should be the one that appeals more to your taste. It should also simultaneously fit the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. This review piece has gone the extra mile to help make decision-making easier for you.

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