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Home Improvement Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Any Renovation Project

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The more refined a home improvement project seems, the more overwhelming it becomes. However, there are certain things you can do to make it smooth and easy.

A few insider tips and tricks will help you gain as much as possible, regardless of what you want – repaint the house, upgrade the front yard or install 1930s doors.

Plan everything

Without a plan, you will face delays. Most DIY enthusiasts have been there before – you go to the store repeatedly just because you realize you need more of something.

Come up with a plan to take you to your goal. Make sure you have everything you need – write everything down and try to visualize each step as you prepare. 

Outline the work to ensure no steps are skipped – and no unexpected situations arise. Write steps on a piece of paper if you have to.

Decide on a budget

Come up with a realistic budget up front. If this is your first home renovation project, you may need to hang around hardware stores for a bit and get an idea. 

The budget should include costs for building materials and tools, decorative finish, and perhaps – why not – some building permits. 

Determine how much money you want to spend and always keep 10% extra for unexpected situations – there will be plenty of them. 

If the money is insufficient, you may need to find a different source of money. All in all, make sure you shop around for the best deals.

Come up with a timeline

Do one thing at a time. If you have more time in a day, stick to the plan. Once you are done with the plan, figure out how much time you need for this project and split it into small steps. 

It is satisfying and motivational to see yourself going through steps and completing small tasks. Each step will require anything between a few minutes and a few days. Again, this is part of the plan. 

Do not overwhelm yourself. Your renovation plan should include time for shipping tools and materials. Also, give yourself more time than you think – especially if you are not too experienced.

For instance, installing contemporary internal doors may not seem difficult. However, they are large, bulky, and heavy, and you may need help with them. It looks like a five-minute job, but chances are it will take more than that. 

Keep an eye on the big picture

Regardless of your remodelling project, always keep an eye on the big picture – this is the final goal and what you need to focus on. 

Long-term maintenance should also be considered, not to mention potential repairs. Include everything when you calculate prices to match your budget. 

From wall colours, cabinet colours, and hardware, you need to see how these things work together if you want to be successful. Try to see each step in advance – before you start it.

Help is important

While there are many things you can do yourself, there are just as many aspects that may require professional help. For example, you might be able to remove your brick driveway and landscape the yard. But then, can you cover the driveway in the tarmac yourself?

Specific steps in the process may require a professional – it is also cheaper than renting or buying equipment.

When hiring contractors, opt for professionals with experience, a good record, and positive reviews and references. You can ask neighbours with similar projects for recommendations as well.

Include contractors and extra services you may need in your plan.

Be aware of what you are getting into

Remodelling projects are not for everyone. Sometimes, a project that may seem straightforward will prove to be highly challenging, especially if you are not too experienced or you do not have the right tools.

Watching a few tutorials will not make you an expert – everything looks easy when you watch tutorials online, but things are entirely different when you get to work.

Remodelling is an exciting job, but it can also bring in plenty of frustration if something fails to work or you end up with delays. If you get ready for such lows and expect them, you will be able to handle them more efficiently.

Keep resale in mind

No matter what this project is about – a new roof, glazed doors, or a different landscape for your garden, do everything with the resale value in mind. Even if you are not planning to sell the house, consider the potential future price influence.

For example, you may not need a driveway if there is plenty of parking off the road. You may not even drive. But then, keeping those gates for a driveway will add a good chunk of money if, at some point, you decide to sell the house.

In the end, these ideas may seem generic, but following these tips and tricks will put you on track before you even start the project. It will put you in charge of it and can prevent various unexpected situations.

Even if they occur – and there is a good chance they will, at least you will be ready to face them without too much stress and difficulty.​

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In what order should you renovate a property?

Assuming you are after a full renovation, strip out and remove everything first. Do the structural work first, then do the plumbing and wiring. Move on to walls and floors, go on with the bathroom and kitchen and leave the actual decorating part at the end.

Which room should you renovate first?

It is definitely a great idea to start with the furthest room from the entry door. Work your way towards the entry door. The idea has an obvious logic. You do not want to carry building materials and bring dust into rooms that have already been renovated.

Do you renovate walls or floors first?

Floors are messier to renovate than walls. To save money and time on cleaning, start with the floors. Cover them once you move on to the walls. Going the other way around will mess the walls and ask for more paint, as well as more cleaning.

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