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How to do Inspection, Storing and Treatment of an Oak door?

How to do Inspection, Storing and Treatment of an Oak door? 1

Oak doors are one of the more popular door types used nowadays. These doors are typically made from Oak wood that has been dried out. Some special considerations need to be taken when taking the door off of its hinges to treat it. So follow these steps before you start an Oak door treatment project, so things go smoothly.

  • Be sure to clean the surface with soap and warm water every time you oil your door.
  • Make sure that all the doorknobs are tightened firmly and securely so that they do not come loose over time and scratch the surface of your door.
  • Do not apply any finish on the surface of your door, or it will seal in moisture and cause warping or molding.
  • Wipe down all parts of your door with water before removing any hardware like hinges, handles, etc.
  • Remove all hardware and then remove nails or screws that might be left in the wood (avoid pulling on nails as they might break).
  • Apply a coat of stain or paint on the wood every few years or after one repairs the wood themselves quick enough before it becomes too scratched up from everyday use as well as from pets, such as canaries who might like to perch themselves on top of it for some fresh air (to avoid this problem, try carpeting around your door frame).

It is best to have the door treated by a professional, either internal oak doors or External Oak doors. In-house treatment can result in water penetration, which leads to rotting and mildew formation, or dry rot due to excessive moisture, solar heat gain, etc.

Inspection of Oak doors

Oak is a beautiful and strong door wood, but upkeep is necessary to keep it looking its best. The first step in maintaining the beauty of your oak door is inspecting it for any peeling paint, scratches, or holes. These malfunctions will need to be repaired before continuing the treatment process.

Remove all furniture from the doorway and then completely cover the entire door with plastic sheeting. Lightweight furniture would be placed on the floor; a table or chair would support heavier pieces.

You need to cover the entire door with plastic sheeting and place it into a bag. It will protect against any potential damage during the treatment process. It would help to note any stains or marks on the wood, as they may be remedied before oak door treatment.

Storing of Oak doors

Another thing you need to do is store your oak doors for at least 48 hours after covering them in plastic sheeting and placing them into a bag. It is best to store your doors in a warm, dry place that allows for airflow and ventilation but out of direct sunlight as well. The ideal storage temperature is 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 21 degrees Celsius). Additionally, it would help if you always stored your oak doors away from moisture and heat, which can cause warping or cracking of the wood.

Oak is a hardwood and has many desirable characteristics. However, its strength also makes it susceptible to cracking and breaking when exposed to outside forces like hot or cold temperatures or drastic humidity changes. Storing before oak door treatment properly will extend its life and maintain the beauty of the wood.

To prevent the wood from warping or cracking, you should make sure that it is completely dry before storing it in any space that is not temperature controlled. It will ensure that your door will not expand or contract to varying degrees and cause cracks or breaks in the future.

Oak door Treatment

Once your oak door has been inspected and treated for any damages, it can be finished with a stain or paint. There are many options when choosing a product to use on your oak door, below are the basic types of finishes that can be used:

  • If you want to completely change the look of your oak door and add a layer that is thicker than just stain or paint, you should choose an overlay. Overlays typically come in either laminate or solid color. Laminate overlays are made from vinyl and can be removed if needed. They are also less expensive than solid color overlays but will not make the wood as smooth to the touch.
  • The best way to store an oak door is in an open position in an unheated area like a garage. It will prevent dampness and condensation from damaging it.
  • For your oak door treatment, you can apply either acetone or alcohol. However, we recommend using acetone to increase penetration ability and efficacy against fungus and mold growth on your oak door. If you choose to use alcohol, we recommend keeping it away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • If you have an oak door, it is best to inspect the door every 12 to 24 months. Once a year, the vacuum between the jamb and door with a soft brush attachment; then use a dry cloth or sponge to wipe down the surface.
  • To reduce the chance of pests entering your home, ensure your door has no cracks or holes, especially around the lock and hinges. Check for loose or missing doorknobs, chipped grime-stained paint, loose screws, etc. Do not use insecticides on oak doors; they will not kill wood-boring insects like termites and carpenter ants.

Tips for keeping your oak door good in peak conditions

Here are three more tips to keep your oak door in peak condition:

  1. Remove dirt and debris by vacuuming the door with a soft brush attachment once a year.
  2. Apply for the appropriate wood protection according to the wood species; read each product’s instructions carefully before applying.
  3. Inspect your door every five years while observing it for any potential areas of damage or need for repair or replacement.
  4. Take note of which parts of your door may require replacement over time, such as the locking mechanism and hinges, significantly, if they are damaged or rusted out.

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How do you store a door, so it doesn’t warp?

Once you find a place to store your doors, you need to do it horizontally. They should be stored on a flat surface too. You can safely put one door on top of the other. The weight will prevent warping. Storing doors vertically is contraindicated and can cause numerous issues.

How do you stop oak doors from warping?

Like most doors based on wood, oak doors can warp in the long run, especially if not looked after. The warping levels will depend on how much moisture the door is exposed to. To avoid such issues, simply seal the door every few years with varnish or sealant.

Can you flatted warped oak?

Yes, but you will need to change the moisture content. Identify the inside part of the C shaped door. The respective side is a bit drier. To flatten the oak door, use a bit of water to relieve all the tension. The door will flatten then.

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