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Innovative interior doors with concealed frames

Innovative interior doors with concealed frames

If we were to make a top list of the most popular interior doors, those with concealed hinges would certainly be at the top, especially when it comes to rooms with a minimalist design. Simple yet distinct in design, these doors offer the same level of functionality while visually expanding the surrounding space and seamlessly integrating into practically any type of room.

Known among users as hidden frame doors, these have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their nonconformist style and high level of functionality. Hidden doors are selected in the same shade as the walls, creating the visual impression that the entire room is a cohesive whole. By the way, at DoorsDelivered, you can find doors with concealed frames at the best prices, with a wide variety of models to suit all preferences. And if you’re still unsure about how to choose them correctly, we will help you with everything you need to know about hidden doors.

concealed interior doors
concealed interior doors

Invisible doors – a new trend for modern homes.

Today, minimalism is among the top preferences of interior designers. This style allows us to bring our most unique interior design ideas to life for a personalised space. Hidden hinges for interior doors are part of the minimalist ideas, typically in the same colour and texture as the walls and even the ceiling. Hidden doors can be ordered from the factory in the desired colour or customised through painting, wallpaper, or glass finishes.

The major advantage of an invisible interior door is that it blends perfectly into any room, regardless of design (modern, loft, hi-tech), purpose (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen), and even architecture (small rooms, narrow spaces, high ceilings, or irregular shapes). Furthermore, you can choose from numerous finishing options: painting in the same colour as the walls, combining with glass or mirrors, personalised designs, and more. Here are the main benefits that an invisible interior door can bring you:

  • It is installed as close to the frame as possible, without bulky hinges and frames. This innovative construction allows installation even in narrow passages where a regular door wouldn’t fit.
  • It simply combines perfectly with the overall design, practically becoming invisible.
  • It doesn’t take up much space and helps us save every inch.
  • It adds a unique accent to the room, even in the case of a simple design.
  • Over time, it can be repainted in another colour, if the materials allow it, such as painted MDF, PAL, etc.

Invisible doors are available in various decorative options and can even be customised based on individual needs and preferences.

At DoorsDelivered, you can order any model of concealed doors, custom-made, with various finishes: glass of any type (matte, mirrored, frosted, and other options), ceramic granite, etc. You can also find concealed hinges for doors at advantageous prices, with a wide variety of models. With us, it’s easier to bring comfort to your home!

Doors with secret hinges – perfect for your home

Next, we will talk about the most modern type of hardware used for the doors today: hidden hinges. This type of hardware has a higher cost than regular models, but thanks to the modern technology of opening and mounting directly at the door frame, it offers a futuristic look, but also a high functionality. And to convince yourself of this fact, but also to realise how well they fit your home, I sketched the main advantages and disadvantages of doors with hidden hinges.


  • Provides a modern look to the doors, but also a higher level of functionality;
  • They are not visible when the door is closed.
  • It offers a much higher level of security than traditional hinges, and in case of theft, the thief will need more time to dismantle them.
  • They fit perfectly for Loft-style doors, modern doors or hi-tech.
  • They are the best choice for invisible doors.
  • They can be adjusted in 3 directions. Due to this function, 3D hinges are also called.
  • Some models make it possible to open the door at 180 degrees on both sides.
  • It is possible to change the opening direction without any problems.


  • They fit for interior doors with thicker door leaf, because they are mounted 2-3mm deeper than traditional models.
  • They are harder to assemble, so it is recommended to use a specialised mount.
  • Not all models open at 180 degrees. Usually, cheap hidden hinges open at 95 degrees and can be easily damaged in case of too sudden openings.
  • They have a pretty high price.

At Doors Delivered you can individually choose quality hardware for any type of door, from neoclassical models to classic doors and modern. We collaborate with well-known hardware brands. For more details we are waiting for your inquiry.

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