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Description of the omega invisible door system


Dverne polotno 2020 320x377

* Cutting for the lock is carried out on all door leaves. In case of ordering door leaves of non-standard height, the lock cutout is defaultly made at a height of 1000mm from the bottom of the door leaf (centered relative to the middle of the lock, as indicated in the drawing).

* Milling for hinges is carried out upon additional customer request.

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What is a door leaf?

The door leaf is a moving part of the door. Typically, the leaf is hung on hinges attached to the frame or on rollers on a sliding track.

The door leaf consists of:

1. Frame (frame made of a combination of wood and plywood)
2. MDF

What is a door frame?

A door frame is a part of the door that is fixed in the walls of the doorway and serves to hang the door leaf on it.

Concealed installation box

The hidden mounting box – is an aluminum product.This box allows for the installation of door leaves without moldings and trims. Any door leaf, 40 mm thick,can be installed on our concealed installation box.

Box thickness - 22.5 mm.

Box width – 57 mm


- Aluminum

Complete Sets: Packing, assembly, and cuts.

Concealed installation boxes are packaged in sets of 2.5 units per door leaf and are labeled according to the size of the door leaf that will be installed in them.

For example, if you order a door leaf of size 2000x700, the name of the concealed installation box set will be “concealed installation box 2000x700, left, set”.

Our concealed installation boxes have cuts for concealed hinges, for the lock mechanism, and for the lock magnetic plate, and come with corresponding hardware. Door leaves up to a height of 2100 are recommended to be installed with two hinges and have the appropriate cuts and assembly. Door leaves with a height of 2110 and above are recommended to be installed with three hinges and have the corresponding cuts and assembly.

Therefore, your order for one door leaf with a concealed installation box should consist of:

  1. Door leaf
  2. Set of concealed installation box
  3. Hardware set (hinges (2 or 3 depending on the height of the door leaf), lock mechanism + plate, hinge filler, mounting brackets)

In the concealed installation box, you will have cuts for hinges (2 or 3 depending on the height of the door leaf) and a cut for the lock magnetic plate.

In the door leaf, you will have a cut for the lock (by default, a cut is made in all our door leaves), and you can order or cut the hinge cut yourself.

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Left Opening

1 672x617 (1)

Right Opening

2 672x617 

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Left Opening

3 2 672x617

Right Opening

4 2 672x617

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics of the hidden installation box

Door leaf size (mm)Dimensions of the door set (mm)
2000 (2100)x6002035 (2135)x651
2000 (2100)x7002035 (2135)x751
2000 (2100)x8002035 (2135)x851
2000 (2100)x9002035 (2135)x951

The height of the door set is indicated taking into account the gaps between the floor and the door leaf (10 mm), and between the door leaf and the aluminium frame (3 mm). The width of the door set is indicated taking into account the gaps between the canvas and the aluminium frame (3+3=6 mm). The gap between the wall and the frame is recommended to do no more than 10-20 mm..

Installation Scheme of the concealed box

prihovanogo montagy cmyk 1000x563

Transportation and storage

1. Door canvases are transported by any mode of transport, provided that the rules and requirements in force on this type of transport are complied with.
2. Store door canvases in a dry room with a relative humidity of not more than 60% at a temperature of +5 to +40 °C. Take measures to prevent from mechanical damage, pollution, humidification, exposure to precipitation, from direct sunlight.
3. The storage of door cloths must be in a horizontal position, or on the end part with a stop against the wall on both edges of the product (see figure)

Description of the omega invisible door system 1

Installation and operation of doors

1. Door canvases should be used indoors (without direct atmospheric influence) with a relative humidity of not more than 60%
at temperatures from +5 to +40 °C.
2. Installation of the door leaf must be carried out by a specialist or construction organization.
3. When installing to withstand gaps of 3-4 mm. between the edges of the door leaf and the box. Recommended gap between the floor and the door leaf 7-15 mm.
4. After the installation of the door block, in order to protect the wall from scratches and blows, we recommend installing a door limiter (so stopper, bumper, etc.).
5. Door canvases should be installed within 2 weeks after purchase.
6. Before installation, it is recommended to place the door canvases in the room where they will be mounted for 3-4 days, for acclimatization.
7. Mechanical methods of exposure to them, which cause their damage, should not be used during the operation of the door canvases.
8. When ordering a ground-painted door before painting the canvas required to carry it out matting with grinding paper (gravity 600-1000), or other abrasive material.


1. Warranty period – 12 months from the date of implementation.
2. Warranty service life – not less than 60 months from the moment of commissioning of the door leaf in the execution of conditions of proper installation and operation.

Claims against the following will not be accepted:

1. Homogeneous gloss, texture or appearance as a result of self-application by the buyer of any finishing materials.
2. Damage caused by non-compliance with the rules for transportation, storage, installation, operating conditions, or as a result of attempts to independently repair or change the design of the door leaf.


1. Easy spraying of paint on the end of the canvas, which is invisible visually, but is felt to the touch.
2. Presence of non-beauties and visibility of the relief of the material at the lower and upper ends of the canvas, and technical holes on them (according to production technology).
3. Two places with defective patches not more than 1 mm. in diameter on 1 square meter. m. canvases that are invisible to the eye at a distance of 1 m in daylight. 4. Presence of drops of paint in places of technological shots of frames in models of software and software.


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