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Internal Door trends available at Doors Delivered

internal door trends available at internal doors uk 3

When you hear the words internal doors, what springs to mind? For us, when we think of internal doors, a few attributes come to mind, like classic, traditional and contrasting shades.

Below are four trends that Doors Delivered can help you with.

Create the cottage feel

Oak internal doors are options for any kind of property, from a traditional-style home to a modern apartment. They can be combined with both modern and traditional interiors, and their sleek lines and understated elegance make them timeless.

We stock a wide range of Oak Internal Doors in various styles and sizes. To achieve the cottage look, Oak is the perfect option due to its natural grains and texture. You can opt for pre-finished or unfinished, the choice is yours. 

Internal Door trends available at Doors Delivered 1

The Period look

Doors from various time periods allow homeowners to incorporate their favourite age into their house. From 1920s and 1930s designs to those from the Victorian era, and more!

Our DX30s range is one of the most popular designs that we offer. Representing the 1930s style look, although this is a period door, it is timeless and will never go out of fashion. Creating a period look with 1930s style internal doors has never been easier! These doors come in primed versions also. This will help add a modern twist.

Traditional options

This Internal Door trend represents the 18th and 19th century interior design. To create a warm and comfortable ambience, rich shades are the best option. Mouldings and fixtures exude elegance and a timeless feel. 

Here at Doors Delivered, we stock a vast range of internal door designs from modern to classic but, if you want to add a traditional look to your home, we can make this happen. 

Panelled internal doors are one of the most common choices for creating a traditional feel. The shaker style is a traditional raised-panel door that will add an attractive touch to your home’s interior without compromising on functionality.

Ultra-modern feel

Creating the ultra-modern feel is easier than you think. Our range of laminate and Grey internal doors are two of the many modern designs we have to offer.

Laminate doors come in a variety of pre-finished choices, which means they’re ready to go once they arrive. You won’t need to paint or varnish them right away, so you can wait until you have time to clean them. Several new laminate door designs are available that vary in colour and design, so you can choose a look that fits your style and budget. Laminate doors are one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your home because they offer a great new look that will last.

Many homes are decorated with a grey colour scheme–and grey internal doors have become increasingly popular as a result. Your colour scheme doesn’t have to stop at your walls and soft furnishings. You can carry it through into your doors, too.

Every homeowner has different tastes and specifications—Thats why Doors Delivered have sourced such a vast range of styles and designs. If you need support when choosing doors, get in touch with our team, and we will make it as easy as possible for you.

Internal Door trends available at Doors Delivered 2

Doors Delivered is among the top rated door suppliers in the UK. Our reputation is given by the highly affordable models we provide, as well as styles that can match all kinds of interiors. Go through our collection of oak doors, white doors, internal glazed doors, walnut doors, pine doors to find something suitable for your interior.


Are minimalist internal doors popular?

If in doubt about something, in particular, keep it simple and direct. This is what design and style are about these days, and the same rules apply in doors. Minimalist styles will help internal doors fit into pretty much any environment, pushing the eye towards other statements in the room.

Are dark colors a good idea for internal doors?

Dark colors represent a timeless appearance in terms of elegance. The classic style will never disappoint, and black will never be out of fashion. However, other dark nuances are also accepted, such as dark chocolate or perhaps mahogany. Natural dark woods with no paint are quite common as well.

Are glazed doors suitable for a modern interior?

Absolutely. Glazed doors allow you to show more by showing less at the same time. They are meant to display clean and elegant interiors, as well as statement pieces. Moreover, they let natural light in, so they are even better. They work wonders in minimalist interiors.

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