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The Best Internal Oak Doors With Glass PM Mendes vs XL Joinery

Internal Oak Doors With Glass

When it comes to internal oak doors with glass, there are two very prominent companies whose products dominate the market. XL Joinery is known for innovative features, sleek designs, modernity, and promising elegance. Simultaneously, PM Mendes is famous for reliability, sturdy craftsmanship, and emphasis on timeless appeal. 

Looking at all these fantastic qualities, picking one to settle for may become a hard pill to swallow. This article breaks down the selection process so you know what to look for, helping you save time and money. Read on to dive deeply into the secrets of these internal oak doors with glass. 

What to Look Out For When Choosing Internal Oak Doors with Glass?

Before you opt for internal oak doors with glass in your home, there are certain things to look out for. Unlike regular doors, oak doors with glass are a little more complex to work around. Therefore, you must keep your eyes peeled to get the best value for your money. 

Below are a few factors that should influence your desired glass door. 


Always go for the door made from the most durable materials. Look out for tempered glass and finely carved-out oak wood. The more durable the door materials are, the longer the door will last. Thereby retaining the value for money. 

The doors with a closer manufacturing time will often last longer since they are relatively new. 


Your budget goes a long way in influencing what door you opt for. So, while looking at the internal oak doors with glass, look out for the prices. Advisably, always have a few extra pounds above the cost of the door you want to opt for. This way, you’re prepared when paying for your internal door. 


Before picking an internal door with glass, factor in your day-to-day schedule. If you have a big family and kids, you want to avoid buying a door that needs high maintenance. When you are not opportune to maintain the door, you lose the value for your money. 


Always look at how functional a glass door will be before you purchase it. Look at the designs of each door, and make sure they are accessible for everyone in the house.  

Your Home Aesthetics

Internal oak doors with glass are beautiful and chic. However, if they fit with the aesthetics of your home, then it looks better. Always go for the door that matches the interiors of your home and will blend in perfectly. 


The size of your home and the space left for the door frame is another factor to watch out for. So, take the right measurements and compare them with the measurements of the door you are getting. If your desired brand does not have the size of door you need, opt for the other. 

Features, Specs, and Prices of PM Mendes Internal Oak Doors With Glass.

PM Mendes Internal Oak Doors

The table below highlights the features, specs and prices of some PM Mendes Internal Oak doors with glass.

Door Name 




PM Mendes Oak 8. (Raised mould, light glazed door Made from fine oak, it Has clear bevelled glass and Comes unfinished.  5mm top and bottom lipping, weighs 30kg and has a dimension of 35×762×1981mm. £264.
PM Mendes Oak Oxford 2.  This is a clear glazed fire door that also comes unfinished.  5mm top and bottom lipping, weighs 42-48 kg and has a dimension of 44×762×1981 mm.  £574-£575.
PM Mendes Oak Iris 6 (fd30)  This fire door comes unfinished and has 35mm clear bevelled glass.  10mm lipping for top and bottom, weighs 48-58 kg and has a dimension of 44×686×1981 mm.  £837 


Features, Specs, and Price of the XL Joinery Internal Oak Doors With Glass

Xl Joinery

Below is a table of the features, specs, and prices of some XL Joinery Internal Oak doors with glass. 

Door Name 




XL Joinery Malton With Raised Mouldings Oak Internal Glazed Door with Clear Bevelled Glass
  • Solid Oak Core Construction
  • A-Graded Oak Veneers
  • Best For Traditional Settings 
  • Unfinished Look
  • Glazing Available
Dimensions: 35 × 1981 × 838 mm

Finish: Unfinished

Height: 762, 838



Thickness: 35

Width: 1981

XL Joinery Pattern 10 Internal Oak Fire Door with Clear Glass
  • Fire Rated Door
  • Large Central Pane Of Clear Glass
  • Available In Different Sizes
  • 44mm Door Thickness
  • Allows Light To Pass Between Rooms
Dimensions: 44 × 1981 × 838 mm

Finish: Unfinished

Height: 686, 762, 813, 838

78×27(inch)/1981x686x44(mm), 78×30(inch)/1981x762x44(mm), 78×33(inch)/1981x838x44(mm), 80×32(inch)/2032x813x44(mm)

Thickness: 44

Width: 1981, 2032



Check out more of these doors and their specs here

Now you know the features, specs, prices and characteristics of all the internal glass doors above. So, Picking one for your home or building should be a walk in the park. 

However, you may wonder how to get the best deals for all the doors listed above. For the best internal oak doors with glass, contact DoorsDelivered. A company that is efficient and delivers your doors safely and fast. 

Final Thoughts 

After reviewing the article, you can pick the perfect door for yourself and your family. PM Mendes and XL Joinery have excellent internal oak doors with glass. However, remember that a beautiful home is only as beautiful as its furniture. So, go for the doors that meet your set standards for what your interior should look like. 

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