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Maintenance guide | How to maintain oak doors, interior, and exterior?

Maintenance guide | How to maintain oak doors, interior, and exterior? 1

Oak doors are renowned for their durability but are also susceptible to decay if they are not taken care of properly. This guide provides advice on how you can maintain an oak door in the most optimal manner possible by focusing on preventative care and maintenance practices. There are many options for purchasing a new door – from Interior glazed doors or 1930’s doors – but even the best choice can quickly become an eyesore without proper care. Read this guide and learn about maintaining your Interior oak doors or external Oak doors.

Why is it important to maintain an oak door?

Oak doors if are not properly maintained can warp and split, and they can even start to fade. Doors not maintained properly will also create unwanted noise. If a door is not sealed well enough, the sound of rain and snow will enter the building. If you want to paint your ceiling or change the color of your walls, originally, there will be a big gap between these two things. To complete this job, you need to ensure that the oak door does not fade or warp. If it is not well done, it will become an obstacle for this job, and it is very hard for you to finish this job without any disturbance. Below are some other reasons that will help you in knowing why is it necessary to maintain an oak door:

1. To preserve the appearance of an oak door

Oak doors are very popular among homeowners because of their natural beauty. Unfortunately, the original beauty is covered up once you paint a door. Therefore, you must regularly maintain your door to preserve its natural beauty. If you maintain the original appearance, both the appearance and durability will be preserved.

2. To maintain the original function of your door

Your door is meant to remain tight and prevent weather from getting inside your home. To achieve this, your door should remain closed when you want it to. However, if your door starts to swell, water can remain in the cracks and cause it to swell further. It can cause more damage and damage to your paint.

3. To preserve the color tone of an oak door

Older doors were made with natural wood, so if you are not careful with maintenance, the wood will bleach or darken. If you maintain the color properly, oak’s natural look and feel will stay preserved on your door.

4. To preserve the beauty of the Oak door

If the year passes by, paint on your door may peel off or crack, which can cause penetration of water, causing rotting. Also, when the paint starts to peel off or fade, it can create a distracting feel on the beautiful look of an old oak door.

5. To prevent water penetration

Oak doors are highly porous and are prone to water penetration. When wood absorbs water, it swells and contracts over time due to changes in humidity and temperature. Over time, this can cause the paint on your door to crack and peel off. The exterior of your house may also suffer if water penetrates your doors.

6. To prevent rotting and peeling, paint

Oakwood is naturally porous; it absorbs moisture and can thus be susceptible to the effects of decay. Therefore, water absorption causes wood to swell and produce mold or mildew, which further deteriorates the appearance of your doors. These are the causes of oak door decay, and they can be prevented by regular maintenance.

How to maintain an oak door?

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Maintaining oak doors can be time-consuming and require more effort than other materials. Each step must be followed to avoid any damage or problems in the future. The steps below outline some simple but necessary practices that should be done regularly.

  • Ensure the door is dried and cleaned right after it rains or snows outside. Moisture can cause wood to rot or constantly decay, even if you apply a protective coating. Also, make sure that there are no water stains around the bottom of the door where water could collect and cause damage. Clean the door well with a cloth at least once a week and buff it with car wax or putty to preserve its beauty.
  • If you want to maintain the color of your oak door, use one coat of a semi-transparent primer (that dries quickly) and two coats of non-toxic paint (that contains no volatile organic compounds and evaporates fast). Apply a good quality finishing coat on top. It will not only make the color last longer but will also protect the wood from future damage.
  • Seal the door to prevent future water damage. To seal and protect oak wood, use a quality wood oil that will not harm or discolor the door; these are generally sold in tubes.
  • Sealants can be applied to the edges of doors and corners of window frames to keep moisture out of windows, floors, baseboards, and carpets.
  • If you want to wax your oak door, choose a car wax that won’t harm the finish; apply it with a soft fabric microfiber cloth. Make sure to clean your cloth regularly between coats. However, if you have hardwood floors underneath your door, do not apply wax on top of those because it can trap oil spills and dirt in the wood and ruin your floors.
  • To maintain the beautiful appearance and condition of wood on your oak door. Maintain an oak door with a quality sealant specifically formulated for wood surfaces to protect against water, dirt, dust, and grime. They are also formulated with UV protection to help guard against fading in direct sunlight and make your doors last longer.
  • To protect your oak door from future fading, wipe it down every month or so with a quality interior cleaner with UV protection.

If you have oak doors at your place, it’s important to keep them protected. The Oak doors are really expensive and they require a lot of maintenance.

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How do you keep oak doors looking natural?

While oak doors can be painted or varnished for protection, the truth is a clear wax is the best way to retain the natural appearance. It may not be as protective as varnish or oil against scratches, but you will need to make a decision between looks and protection.

How long will oak last untreated?

Oak is considered an extremely durable material. Some wooden doors may last for 15 years with no issues at all, even without any treatment. Of course, it depends on different conditions, daily usage, and wear and tear. With proper maintenance, an oak door could last a lifetime.

What is the best finish to put on oak?

Danish oil and beeswax offer excellent protection while maintaining the outstanding beauty of natural grains. Varnish is more durable, indeed, but it will make an expensive oak door look a bit cheap. At the end of the day, it depends on your priorities.

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