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Our top new door choices

our top new door choices 2

New Internal Doors

When choosing internal doors, it’s essential to pick the right design to suit your style and lifestyle. Glazed Internal Doors are the perfect addition for homes that need additional natural light. Solid internal doors are great for those seeking to generate cosy and defined zones within their home. Our latest internal doors are sure to tick all the right boxes, regardless of your needs.

One of our favourite new designs is the LPD Melbourne Pre-finished Oak Internal Door (£226.99 – £228.99). This stunning door perfect for large spaces. It features a deep, square-cut groove design that is a treat to the eye. The Melbourne also comes in a lovely Ash Grey, which is just as beautiful.

Our top new door choices 1

The LPD Vancouver 5P Pre-finished Smoked Oak Internal Door (£237.99) is another stunning choice. There is a glazed option (LPD Vancouver 4L Pre-finished Smoked Oak Clear Glazing Internal Glazed Door) also which is great for mixing and matching. A new, fashionable Smoked Oak colour, the Vancouver features a stunning ladder-style design with V cut grooves and five panels. 

Another superb choice is the LPD Belize Pre-finished Oak Internal Door (From £114.99). Absolutely perfect for home renovations, with its ever so popular five vertical panel design, which adds a twist to a traditional style. As the door is pre-finished, it is ready to hang straight away. There are glazed versions and a remarkable light grey version to choose from also!

With a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee and delivery across the UK, finding the perfect new doors for your home couldn’t be easier!

New External Doors

When choosing the right External Door for your home, not only will the door be the first thing guests see, but it should also reflect the style of your home. At Doors Delivered, we have a wide range of stunning external doors to match all types of homes – both modern and traditional.

Our LPD Shardlow Satin Double Glazed External Composite Door Set (£861.99) is a Grey glazed option for your home. This door features eight vertical panels with a vision panel. It is also easy to clean and a One-Stop solution. The frame and door assembly come complete ready to install. This design also comes in Black, Blue and Chartwell Green.

Our top new door choices 2

The LPD Embossed Bexhill Pre-Finished Charcoal Grey External Composite Door is another great option. This door features a modern flush geometric style with a convertible herringbone design. This door is a real treat to the eye. There is a Silver Grey option for this door also.

The LPD Embossed Suffolk 1L French Sage Clear Bevel Double Glazed External Composite Door is a personal favourite here at Doors Delivered. With its beautiful parallel panel design, this door will surely suit any home and is one that should not go a miss! There is a non glazed version also.

Doors Delivered is a leading door supplier in the British market. We provide affordable doors in all styles, as well as installation services. Feel free to explore our wide range of oak doors, white doors, internal glazed doors, walnut doors, pine doors to find something fit for your home style.


What is the latest trend for internal doors?

Glass doors may not be new, but they are among the most sought after designs on the market these days. At the same time, industrial metal doors and rustic wooden doors are just as common, not to mention classic, white and black doors.

What is the most popular color for internal doors?

White and oak represent the most popular styles in today’s home interior design, and for some good reasons. White doors are neutral and provide a clean finish. Meanwhile, the natural wood grains of oak can stand out and can make a room feel warmer.

Should interior doors match wall color?

Not necessarily. Sure, if you opt for a unitary style, they should. But then, this is not really a general rule. Doors and trim can come in a completely different style. The design is a matter of personal preferences. Sometimes, it is actually recommended to opt for contrasting colors.

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