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Points to consider when installing Bi-Fold Doors

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Bi-fold doors have been around for some time, renowned for their efficiency, versatility, and style. Bi-fold doors are essentially double doors that open like where one door is extended to join with the other. These can be used in many ways, from creating more space in the kitchen to increasing the light in the hall. Today we will cover a few points to consider when installing bi-fold doors.

Consider the style and weight of your doors before choosing a track

There are many different types of tracks available in different shapes and sizes. As a result, it’s essential to consider the style and weight of your doors before choosing a track when installing bi-fold doors.

Wall-mounted tracks: Wall-mounted tracks are the most common track used for installing bi-fold doors. These are usually flat aluminium or steel strips that can be attached to the top of your door frame so that the wheels on the bottom of your bifold doors can roll along with them smoothly. The downside of this type of track is that they don’t provide support for the bottom of your door and so they can start to sag over time, which means they will need to be replaced eventually.

Overhead tracks: Overhead tracks provide an alternative solution to wall-mounted tracks by providing support for the bottom of your door and allowing the door to open smoothly along its length. However, these track types are usually only suitable for lightweight bi-fold doors as heavier ones may not be able to roll freely along their length.

Tracks with pivot points: This system provides more flexibility, allowing you to adjust each door independently. Each door has its track attached to the floor or wall with screws or bolts with this setup. Each door has a roller at the top and bottom that allows it to pivot as it opens and closes. This design can work if you have enough room for all the doors to swing open without bumping into something else. But it works incredibly well in tight spaces where you don’t have room for hinged doors that open outward.

Take measurements

Bifold doors usually come with a detailed guide to get the installation right. The measurements are always critical and should be taken accurately before starting the bifold door installation.

1) First, you need to take accurate measurements for the new bifold door. Then you need to check that there is enough space for it to open fully. A bifold door needs space both in front and behind it, so you must make sure that there is enough room to open and close freely.

2) You also need to take the height of the doorway into account. Measure from the floor to the top at both sides of the opening, taking into account any irregularities related to uneven floors or tiles.

3) You also need to measure from the back of your door frame to the face of your outside wall. You may want to install something in this space like a plinth or skirting board, so you will have something against which your bifold door can be closed.

4) Ensure that you have enough headroom by measuring from your floor up to your ceiling inside your doorway, ensuring that you have at least 2 inches above your new bifold door when fully open.

Cut the tracks to length with a hacksaw

When you’re ready to cut your tracks, lay them down on a work surface and make sure they are flat. Then place a straight edge right up against the point where you want the cut made. Run a pencil along this line to have a nice straight line to follow when using your hacksaw.

If you are cutting the track for the top of the bi-fold door, make sure that the curve in the track is facing down. If you are cutting the track for the bottom of your door, make sure the curve in the track is facing up.

Leave 1/16 to 1/8 inch clearance between doors at the top and bottom

Leave 1/16 to 1/8 inch clearance between doors at the top and bottom when installing bi-fold doors. This may be changed by adjusting the position of the bottom pivot. The top pivot is already as low as it can go. If there is not enough clearance, adding a washer to move the door down will eliminate this problem.

While there are some things to consider before installing bi-fold doors, the end result can be well worth it! Your home will be unique and special.

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Do bifold doors need maintenance?

Bifold doors look excellent in any kind of environment. However, to retain their functionality and prevent unexpected situations, you need to maintain them on a regular basis. Regular maintenance will not just keep them good looking, but it will also enhance their functionality for many years.

What to use to lubricate bifold doors?

Lubrication is extremely important in bifold doors because they have numerous moving mechanisms. There are more things and solutions you can use. But then, WD40 is probably the best option. It works well on multiple materials and can withstand pretty much any temperature out there.

How do you clean bifold door tracks?

Random objects or dirt caught in the bifold door tracks can cause them to malfunction, affecting the smooth functioning of your doors. To remove it, use a thin vacuum cleaner nozzle. Make sure there is no debris left once you are done cleaning.

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