LPD Oak DX 30s Style Glazed1L Frosted Glass Internal Door
LPD DX 30s Unfinished Oak 1L Frosted Glass Internal Glazed Door
£149.99 (inc VAT) Select options

LPD DX 30s Unfinished Oak 1L Frosted Glass Internal Glazed Door

£149.99 (inc VAT)

Code: 78899

  • Solid Oak Core With A-Graded American Oak
  • Wooden Oak Veneer Door
  • Traditional 1930s Door Design 
  • Come With 1 Light Frosted Glass
  • 10 Years Defect Guarantee
  • Maintains Privacy 
  • FSC® Certified Product With Custody Chain
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Product details

The Oak DX 30s Style Glazed 1L door has three rectangular inset panels and one frosted glass panel. This oak door maintains privacy and provides an uninterrupted light supply to the room. 

In making this door, the materials used follow the FSC® certification of ensuring a complete custody chain for graded oak veneers. It offers old school touch with high-end oak veneers in three rectangular panels below the square light panel with frosted glass. 

The standard density of the door is 35 mm. the door is ideal for all internal applications such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and hallways. You can also find different colour variations such as oak, colonial white, and mahogany red. 

Additionally, you will get a 10-year defect warranty with this door. To achieve a perfect fit, you can trim the oak lipping for up to 06 mm. the manufacturers also offer a 10year warranty with Oak DX 30s Style Glazed 1L door, which gives you the surety that all the door’ issues will be catered to by them. 

 LPD Oak DX 30s Style Glazed Unfinished 1L Frosted Glass Internal Door Features:

  • Traditional 1930s Door Design With 1 Light Frosted Glass And 3 Wooden Panels
  • With A Standard Density Of 35mm, The Door Withstand Daily Rigours Easily
  • All The Materials Used In Its Making Are FSC Certified
  • The Door Is Perfect For Commercial And Residential Properties 
  • The Large Glazed Panel Ensure Ample Light Inflow
  • It Comes With A 10-Year Defect Warranty 

Where to Buy Oak DX 30s Style Glazed 1L Door:

The Oak DX 30s Style Glazed 1L door represents a traditional look and is one of the finest oak doors available. In addition to the door’s durability, the door increases the aesthetic appeal of the home and changes the entire ambience of the room. Reach out to Doors Delivered today to place an order! 

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Dimensions35 × 686 × 1981 mm

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