LPD White Idaho Primed Internal FD30 Fire Door
LPD White Idaho Primed Internal Door
£102.99 (inc VAT) Select options

LPD White Idaho Primed Internal Door

£102.99 (inc VAT)

Code: 79279

  • Solid Core Construction
  • Primed White Coat
  • Raised Borders
  • Modern 3 Recessed Panel Design
  • FSC® Certified Product
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee Applicable
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Product details

LPD White Idaho Primed Internal Door is a modern door in LPD white doors collection. This door has three recessed vertical panels and a double-coated exterior. The door comes in primed white colour, and you can finish it with the colour of your choice. The raised borders and recessed panels add beauty to the door’s design and make it an excellent addition to the house. 

This luxurious door never fails to capture attention with its sleek and stylish look. The materials comply with FSC® certification of code of custody and UK building regulations. White Idaho door is supplied in standard density measuring 35 mm. Size variations are available in this design. The door comes pre-finished and is ready to hang. 

With the help of oak lipping, you have the option to trim the doors and achieve perfect installation. LPD Doors manufacture this entry-level door, and you can buy it at an affordable rate from Doors Delivered. 

You can enjoy a manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee on this door. If you are after a door that can give the house a luxurious and spacious feel, there are only a few that matches the beauty of a white Idaho primed internal door. 

LPD White Idaho Primed Internal Door Features:

  • Solid Core Construction Ensures Quality And Strength
  • Applied Primed Coat Provides Beautiful Appearance
  • Ready For Final Finishing Coat For Use
  • Modern 3 Panel Design Offers Stylish Touch
  • FSC® Certified Product Assures Best Product
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee Applicable For Customer’s Peace Of Mind
  • Raised Borders And Recessed Panels Give The Door A Unique And Alluring Texture

Where to Buy White Ldaho Door:

White Idaho is a luxurious door with a modern three-panel design. This door is ideal for privacy and is equally suitable for installation in offices and homes. You can buy this stylish white door from internal doors UK. 

FAQs for the LPD White Idaho Primed Internal Door:

Can I customize the color of the White Idaho Primed Internal Door?

Absolutely! The door comes in a primed white color, and you have the freedom to finish it with the color of your choice to match your interior design preferences.

Does the White Idaho door comply with quality and sustainability standards?

Yes, the materials used in the White Idaho door comply with FSC® certification, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to sustainability practices and UK building regulations.

What is the design of the White Idaho door?

The White Idaho door features a modern three-panel design with recessed vertical panels and raised borders, adding a stylish touch and unique texture to the door’s appearance.

Can the White Idaho door be trimmed for a perfect fit during installation?

Yes, the White Idaho door comes with oak lipping, which allows for trimming and achieving a precise installation. This ensures that the door fits perfectly in your space.

Where can I purchase the White Idaho Primed Internal Door?

You can purchase the White Idaho Primed Internal Door from Doors Delivered, an authorized retailer offering this luxurious and stylish white door. They provide affordable rates and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Dimensions35 × 610 × 1981 mm

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