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Victorian Internal Doors The Best Between Deanta Eton and LPD Regency

The Victorian Internal Doors

Victorian doors are perfect for your vintage home to maintain its authenticity. If you want to restore a Victorian home, these doors are the best to crown your efforts. You can also fit them in a contemporary home to give it a classical look. 

After deciding to fit Victorian internal doors at home, the next hurdle is deciding which one to purchase. Should you buy Deanta or LPD? This article reviews and compares the Deanta Eton and LPD Regency Victorian internal doors. The review will equip you to make a more informed choice. 

Why Choose Victorian Internal Doors for Your Home

Internal doors are important for aesthetics and functionality in the home, and Victorian internal doors provide these features. Their simple design also allows for wide application around the home. 

Victorian doors have a unique shaker design with four fielded panels arranged with thick mullions at the top, bottom, and center. The panels are usually unsymmetric, with the two upper panels longer than the lower ones. 

Behind the simplistic design of Victorian doors lies an amazing engineering concept. From the earliest designs, these doors are veneered into groves, allowing for shrinking and expansion without damaging the door. 

That is why Victorian doors suit any region, even those with temperature fluctuations. It is also the reason why these doors have impressive durability compared to other door designs. 

Deanta Eton vs. LPD Regency Victorian Internal Doors: Comparing Durability 

Durability is one of the crucial features to look out for when purchasing a Victorian internal door as it determines its lifespan. Hence, let’s compare the durability of Deanta Eton and LPD Regency. 

Deanta Eton:

Deanta Eton

Deanta leaves no stone unturned when it comes to manufacturing high-quality doors evident in this spec. Made from the finest materials, this spec is robust, durable, and can handle several renovations. It often comes in different options and can be tailored to your taste. Plus, it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring its performance and quality. 

LPD Regency:

LPD regency

With a solid engineered core, this spec is thick, strong, and can withstand harsh conditions. Most of its options usually come pre-finished, allowing you to add the finishing touches to meet your needs. Furthermore, it has a 10-year defect warranty, so you can rest assured of defect coverage by the manufacturer. 

These specs are undoubtedly unique as they suit any interior of your traditional or modern home. Despite these qualities, it’s imperative to maintain them through regular and consistent cleaning and maintenance. With a regular maintenance routine, these doors will remain robust and functional. 

Deanta Eton vs. LPD Regency Victorian Internal Doors: Comparing Aesthetics and Design 

Homeowners often consider the aesthetic appeal and design of doors as it is one of the most eye-catching features. Nonetheless, let’s look at the aesthetics and design of Deanta Eton and LPD Regency. 

Deanta Eton:

This spec has six panels and a sleek design, which increases the beauty of your home. This door can fit perfectly into any interior and blend with your home’s decorative pattern. Deanta Eton 

LPD Regency:

With four panels and deep grooves, this spec blends well with any decorative setting of your traditional or contemporary home. Basking in its natural oak color, this door elevates the beauty of your interior and gives you privacy. LPD Regency has different options, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your taste. 

Deanta Eton vs. LPD Regency Victorian Internal Doors: Application  

Victorian internal doors do not only add beauty but also increase the value and authenticity of your home. Deanta Eton and LPD Regency are two specs that blend well with any setting and style of your home. Therefore, these doors have several applications. You can use them for your kitchen, dining area, living room, games room, and bathroom. 

Deanta Eton vs. LPD Regency Victorian Internal Doors: Price Comparison 

For many homeowners caught in the dilemma of which spec to choose, the price comparison will enable you to make to clear decision. Deata Eton and LPD Regency are reliable specs worth every penny and can serve you in the long run. Notwithstanding, let’s look at the price range for both specs. 

Deanta Eton Victorian Internal Door: £113.99 – £191.99

LPD Regency Victorian Internal Door: £126.96 – £354.99

The above price range includes value-added taxes in the UK. 

Doors delivered has a wide array of Victorian internal doors and can be tailored to suit your needs. You have several designs and options: primed, glazed, pre-finished, and finished. 

Final Thoughts 

Deanta Eton and LPD Regency are good specs from reliable brands in the UK that use only high-quality materials for construction. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, these doors will fit your needs. This article has reviewed both specs to help you make the best decision.  

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