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Walnut Internal Doors Deanta Valencia Vs. Premdor Walnut Comparison

Walnut Internal Doors Deanta Valencia Vs. Premdor Walnut Comparison

Are you trying to achieve a rich, traditional look in your home? Walnut internal doors are great to invest in. These doors are rich in aesthetics and can be used for a long time under low maintenance.

Deanta Valencia and Premdor Walnut are some wonderful walnut internal doors. So, if you’re confused about the one to go for, look no further. This article does a great deal in explaining and reviewing both of these doors. 

Is Walnut a Good Material for Internal Doors?

Walnut wood is known for its durability and rich colour. It is suitable for internal doors because this is where durability meets elegance. 

Also, the material of walnut internal doors provides extreme privacy and comfortability. It is most suitable for the bedrooms, cottage, and pantry. While these doors are nice, please do not expose them to water as it can adversely affect the doors. 

If you do this, you risk the wood leading to swellings, warping and lose money in the end. So, walnut internal doors are not the best option for your bathrooms. 

Before you purchase walnut internal doors, there are a few things to be careful about. Some of these  include: 

  • Ensure the door you’re going for has an allowance for lipping if you are unsure of the door frame measurements. 
  • If you’re unsure of the materials used in construction, ask your retailer or manufacturer. 
  • Confirm the colour and finishing state of any walnut internal doors before you proceed with the purchase. 

If you take note of all of these, it’ll help you make a stress-free purchase. Finally, always read the manufacturer’s policy, as it may vary from door to door. 

All There Is to Know About Deanta Valencia Walnut Internal Doors

Deanta Valencia
Deanta Valencia

Deanta Valencia has amazing walnut internal doors. Their doors have a lot of amazing features, and the table below highlights some of them. 





Deanta Valencia Walnut FSC internal door (unfinished).  This walnut internal door comes glazed and has tough clear glass. It also allows for lipping of up to 16mm on all sides.  This door is 78×24 inches. It has a height of 1981 and a thickness of 35mm.  £259.99, + VAT 
Deanta Valencia Walnut FD30 door.   This fire door can help stop the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency. And it has a solid, good-density pb core. The door has a size range from 78×24 to 78×33 inches. It also comes pre-finished and has a 44mm thickness.  £268.99, + VAT 
Deanta Valencia Walnut Pre-finished FSC internal door.  The one feature that stands out about this door is amazing. It has horizontal panels that are coated with aluminum inlays.  It has a size range of 78×24-78×33 inches, a height of 1981, and a thickness of 35mm.  £208.99, + VAT

All Deanta Valencia Walnut internal doors have a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer in case of defects. And they are all FSC® certified. 

All There Is to Know About Premdor Walnut Internal Doors

Walnut Veneer

 Premdor majorly has two walnut internal doors. These are the Premdor Walnut solid fire shield 30 and Premdor solid Veneer walnut doors. 

Below is a highlight of the individual doors’ features and specs. 

Premdor Walnut Solid Fire Shield 30

This door has a stylish design that can fit in any building perfectly. Some of its features and specs are: 

  • It comes fully finished with no glass.
  • It is a solid-core FD30 door. This means the door is heavy and can resist fire for up to 30 minutes. This feature also makes it fit in the category of durable doors. 
  • Its dimensions are 44× 533 × 1981mm and 44mm thick. 
  • Meanwhile, the size range starts at 1981x533x44mm and goes to 2040x926x44mm.
  • It is FSC and PEFC certified. 

The pricing for the Premdor Walnut Solid Fire Shield 30 door starts at £199.92 – £211.68, including VAT.

If you’re still uncertain about which direction the aesthetic of your home will take, go for this door. It can fit into any aesthetic seamlessly and still look elegant and rich. 

Premdor Solid Veneer Walnut Door

This walnut door fits into a variety of home decor inspirations. Let’s take a look at some of its features and specs. 

  • It is supplied fully finished with no glass glazing. 
  • There is a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. 
  • It is FSC and PEFC certified. 
  • The door has a dimension of 40 × 526 × 2040 mm. And a size range starting from 2040x726x40mm to 2040x926x40mm. 

Please note that there are no spacings for lipping on this door. Hence, taking accurate measurements when placing your order would be best. 

Order beautiful Deanta Valencia and Premdor Walnut internal doors at DoorsDelivered. Choose comfort and luxury with your purchases, and order the best foods from the comfort of your home. 

Final Thoughts

An elegant, traditional door with a great colour selection range is a good investment. While there are differences between Deanta Valencia’s and Premdor Walnut’s internal doors, they’re still both great doors. 

However, after knowing their different features, you can now choose the most appealing. 

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