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What Are Bespoke Doors? How Do They Fit Your Needs?

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Are you looking for a door to perfectly fit inside your home? Go for customisable doors or bespoke doors. Such doors will let you complete your needs, with added flexibility in designs. 

If standard-sized doors do not go well with your home, bespoke doors make for a great choice. Moreover, they come in various designs, styles and are of excellent quality.

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What Is A Bespoke Door?

Simply put, a bespoke door is a door that has a size different from the standard UK door sizes. Also known as made-to-measure doors, these may be larger, smaller, narrower, or wider than your average doors.

How To Choose A Bespoke Door

If you want a perfectly fitting door, bespoke doors are among the best ones. This buyer’s guide will help you choose the correct style, design, and added features for your bespoke door.

1. Go For An Appropriate Size

Now that you are getting customised doors, make sure to measure your door size requirements correctly. These made-to-measure doors offer several benefits. They include reducing noise levels, maintaining heat levels, and adding a refreshing design to your home. 

2. Choose A Bespoke Fire Door

When it comes to doors, safety and security is the prime concern. You can protect your home from possible fire hazards by picking fire-proof bespoke doors.

Worry not, even a fire door can be just as stylish as a standard door. With the bespoke fire door, there will be an additional solid core construction and thickness. Further, you can customise your fire door through fire-resistant glass, locks, knobs, and handles.

3. Understand Your Style

Are you trying to replace an existing door, or would you prefer completely redoing your home décor? Depending upon your needs, you can go for either traditional or contemporary style doors. 

There is a wide range of options from where you can choose even within each of these types.

4. Door Finishing

A door’s finishing decides its overall appearance. If you invest in a customisable bespoke door, go for a suitable finishing to complete the look. The following are some of the styles you can choose from –

Unfinished Oak 

Getting an unfinished bespoke door means you would be required to finish the door yourself. This gives you more flexibility of choice but will add to your work. You can paint the door just the way you want it to be, so be sure to get your paints, brushes, and aprons.

Prefinished Oak

If you don’t want to do the extra work of finishing your door, why not go for prefinished oak doors? Getting these means that you don’t need to put in any added effort. Just get it installed, and you are good to go. 

Prefinished doors feature TLC with some varnish, paint, or wax, as per your preference.

Walnut Finish

If you have a contemporary interior, walnut-finished doors are a great choice. Such doors give a stunning, rich tone and are covered in unique wood markings.


Abachi Grey Finish

If you want something unique to go with all types of interior designs, have a look at Abachi grey finished doors.

White Primed Finish

White Primed doors are commonly found in most modern homes. Likewise, these are popular even among bespoke doors. You can get better light and space optimisation with these.

Wrapping Up

Bespoke doors are amazing if you want a personalised touch to your interior. These not only enhance the look of your doors but also help in noise reduction and stabilise heat levels. After reading this guide, you can easily choose the best bespoke doors for your home.

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What is a bespoke door?

Doors that are larger or smaller than standard doors are considered bespoke. They could be narrower, wider, or perhaps slightly round. The idea is that if a door must be specifically made with your measurements in mind, it is a bespoke unit.

Can doors be cut to size?

Pretty much all door manufacturers have the possibility to trim doors to size. The size depends on the material, as well as the characteristics of the door. Manufacturers recommend cutting from the bottom side. Simply check upfront if you are not sure.

How much can I cut off an internal door?

Most manufacturers agree that tolerances range from about 5mm for each side. Some manufacturers offer up to 16mm on each side for trimmings, making the customization even better. To make sure, simply ask the manufacturer upfront.

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