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Which Style Doors Would be a Perfect Fit for your Home?

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Doors are more than just separators of spaces; they go a long way in terms of style and practicality. From giving privacy to defining a place, they do it all in one swoop. So choosing the right kind of doors would make a great difference to the overall aesthetics as well as the design detail.

It is true that each home has a unique feel and look of its own, so selecting the doors that are in perfect harmony with the style of the home is important. The market has loads of options to offer, and one can easily get overwhelmed with the variations in styles and materials.

But don’t worry, we have put together a guide for you so you can easily find which classic doors would be a perfect fit for your home. We are sure with our recommendations; you can give your home a real sense of character and aesthetics that will leave an outstanding impression on anyone who walks in!

Which Style Doors Would be a Perfect Fit for your Home? 1


Internal Glazed Doors

If you want a well-lit room, glazed doors would be a good option as they allow light into the room, giving it a more bright and spacious look. These doors are designed with glass panels that come with a see-through option.

However, you can choose the amount of glass to be used in the door as per your preferences on how bright you want your room to be. Essentially, these doors are designed for entrance spaces such as living rooms, but you can also install them in the kitchen to create a unique look.

Similar to other internal, traditional, white, and fire-rated doors, these glazed doors also come unfinished, which allows you to optimize and style them per your specific taste to create a unique design for your space.

To have more control over the design of your door, you can also get a customized door made by sharing your design with the experts.

Additionally, the variety of styles and finishing in glazed doors give you countless options to give your home a sense of feel and character that truly reflects your style. Believe us; these doors will not disappoint you either in appearance or performance.

Which Style Doors Would be a Perfect Fit for your Home? 2


Solid Oak Internal Doors

Solid oak doors are quite popular due to their beauty and durability that exceed the expectations of all. These doors are crafted with the best quality oak wood that gives them a soft texture and earthly finished look.  

In terms of application, oak doors are highly versatile and can gracefully enhance any room, be it a living room or a bedroom. They can be used as both internal and external doors, depending on your choice.

With hundreds of grain and colour options available, they attract customers from all areas and compliment any space they get installed in. Plus, initially, these doors come with an unfinished look, giving you the freedom to choose the finishing as per your own choice.

No matter if you are looking to go for a traditional look or create a contemporary theme, anything is possible with the unfinished doors that are initially supplied. You will have the complete freedom to choose any treatment options for your door that will best suit the interior style of your home.

These solid oak doors are not only stylish and functional but also very practical. They can be installed as an exterior door providing its sturdy nature or can be used inside the home as internal doors. All in all, these doors are highly versatile and can match the different tastes and all kinds of spaces.

Fire Doors

The safety of your home is of the utmost importance, and that is where fire doors come in. They are highly durable and go beyond expectations in terms of strength and practicality. Not only do these doors ensure a fire-protected space but also offer 30 minute burn time to buy the responders some time to reduce the damage in case of some accident.

Since these doors are fire rated, it does not mean that you’ll have to compromise on the style and aesthetics. They are designed stunningly to offer both safety and style. Also, they come in a variety of designs and finish to match all kinds of spaces, whether contemporary or traditional.

Among the best fire-rated doors, walnut fire doors and white fire doors are the most popular among customers due to other attractive appearance and promising fire-rated features.

White Internal Doors

If you want to give your home a contemporary look, white doors are your way to go. With numerous designs and finishing, they have proven to fit a diverse range of spaces beautifully.

The most applaud-worthy quality of these doors is their durability and diversity. Not only have these doors gracefully stood the test of time, but they also enhanced the aesthetics of various spaces without breaking a bank.

These doors make your room look brighter and spacious with their light colour. However, you can also get them painted in a colour of your choice as they initially come unfinished.

All in all, if you are on a budget but want to give your home a simplistic yet consistent look, you cannot find a better match than these white doors.

Which Style Doors Would be a Perfect Fit for your Home? 3


Traditional Period Doors

If you are a fan of vintage appearance, then you are going to love traditional doors, as they are available in a variety of traditional designs. From Georgian to Victorian to Shaker doors, the options are endless. Whether you want to create a special theme or go for a general vintage look, you can easily achieve that through bespoke services.

Apart from that, these doors are available in a variety of stunning grains that give each design a unique look of its own. You can also choose any material for your traditional door, be it walnut, oak, or pine. All these wood materials ensure highly durable and functional doors for both internal and external usage.

Contemporary Internal Doors

Other than traditional doors, we also have a collection of stunning contemporary doors for those who are looking for a modern touch.

Similar to traditional doors, our contemporary doors also come in a variety of grains, textures, and designs. From squared-off corners to clean lines, these traditional doors can bring any space back to life.

Not only these contemporary doors are excellent for giving your home an incredibly stunning appearance, but they also offer optimal performance in terms of heat regulation and noise cancellation.

Another worth mentioning quality of these doors is their high durability. As they are crafted from the best quality materials, they can style your home for a long while without showing any signs of wear and tear.

So if you want to give your home a stylish and up-to-date makeover, consider contemporary doors they will not fail to exceed your expectations.

Internal Doors

Selecting the right internal doors is vitally important as they not only tie different rooms together but also impact the overall feel of the space. So, if these doors are not consistent in style or following a specific theme, they can greatly reduce the aesthetic of the home.  

Therefore, we have a wide range of internal doors available that are diverse in their design to match different styles of homes. Apart from being diverse, these internal doors are also available in numerous materials, from glazed doors to oak doors; you can choose any material as per your preferences.

Furthermore, these doors are also exceptional in terms of durability. Since they are manufactured to uphold the highest standards, they offer optimal performance and stunning looks for years to come.

Apart from practicality, durability, and strength, affordability is another factor that these internal doors are the most popular choice among homeowners. So, if you want to go for a cost-effective option without compromising on the designs or performance, internal doors should be among your top considerations.  

External Doors

They say the first impression is the last, so if you want to make a lasting impression on your visitors, you need to upgrade your external doors. They can enhance the entrance of any space and can give a certain character and feel to the home that reflects the main theme of the home interior.

Hence to have an enduring impression, you need to have doors that will highlight the design details of your home while offering the primary functionality expected from external doors.

While having said that, external doors are built in a slightly different manner than internal doors as they have to be sturdy to resist natural disasters such as storms. These doors are constructed with a couple of dowel joints that holds the veneer, which is stronger than standard veneers.

The high-quality built of these doors ensure the optimal levels of security against thieves and intruders while also making them more durable and resistible to wear and tear. It is due to this high-quality manufacturing that these doors gracefully stand the test of time.

All-in-all, these doors offer exceptional durability, style, and functionality that is all you need in an exterior door. 

Doors Delivered has become one of the most popular suppliers of doors around the UK. We offer a plethora of styles and designs oak doorswhite doorsinternal glazed doorswalnut doorspine doors to match any interior. Feel free to explore our products to find something right for your home.


What is the best color for internal doors?

Before deciding on a color, make sure it can match or contrast the surroundings, whatever effect you want to achieve. In terms of trends, blue seems to dominate, followed closely by green, black and beige. Trends come in second though, as your preferences dictate the perfect design.

Should doors be darker than walls?

It may not be a general rule, but most specialists will recommend doors to be a bit lighter or darker than your walls. You can go in any direction, depending on your needs. This way, the door will blend into the wall without too much hassle, offering a unitary appearance.

Do people paint their interior doors?

Designers from all over the world paint their interior doors. It is not a new trend, but an idea that has been around for years. After all, a new color can refresh a room. From many points of view, painted interior doors are similar to accent walls, which used to be popular a decade ago.

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