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Why Fire Doors Are Crucial to a Safe Building

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Fire doors are an important part of creating a safe building. Fire doors are designed to keep fire and smoke from spreading, which can prevent your business from being damaged and protect your employees in the event of a fire. Many people think that fire doors only pertain to helping prevent smoke and flames from spreading, but there is a lot more detail that goes into making these doors as safe as possible.

Why Fire Doors Are Crucial to a Safe Building 1

Why do you need fire doors?

To know why fire doors are needed, you first need to understand what fire doors are. Fire doors are one of the major safeguards that property owners can install to help protect the safety and security of their establishments, as well as in homes. They are essential for buildings to survive fires, which is why fire doors were initially designed.

Fire is one of the dangers at work. Every time someone says ‘workplace hazard’ everyone will answer ‘fire’ or ‘asbestos’. And this is not surprising, as both are extremely dangerous things. But what about fire doors? Learn why fire doors are so essential in any workplace and what makes them different from regular ones.

How do you comply with local codes or standards for fire doors?

Fire doors and the regulations governing their use and installation are unique to each jurisdiction. It’s important to know exactly what your jurisdiction mandates in order to ensure that you are not violating a building code. A wide range of fire-rated door products are available at Doors Delivered, browse our range today.

What is an intumescent fire seal?

Also referred to as a smoke seal or fire stop, this seal has a two-ply construction which is designed to resist fire and smoke from passing through it. Intumescent means “to swell or expand”. This term refers to the expanding that occurs when the seal detects heat.

Intumescent fire seals are designed to be installed on an opening that penetrates a firewall or other fire barrier. By creating an area of non-combustible sealant, these products close and fill cracks in a building’s structure. As heat or flames pass into the sealant through the opening, they release gases that expand to create a seal. These products are designed so that they will not expand until they have reached a certain temperature. This allows them to be installed in areas where there is little heat and remain dormant, instead of being active until they harden, like many other intumescent products.

Fitting fire doors

Fitting fire doors is a pretty simple task if you take your time, follow proper safety procedures, and always remember to test the door for correct operation. Fitting fire doors can be dangerous if a fire door is fitted improperly, so you must always do your research and understand the entire fitting process before starting the job.

Fire doors should be fitted by professional craftsmen, as they are heavy and not very easy to install because they have different designs and sizes, but mainly because they must meet current regulations.

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What are fire door regulations?

Fire door regulations are given under a fire safety order, and they cover all the laws and requirements. They do not apply to domestic buildings though, yet there are a few exceptions. The order is mostly aimed at commercial buildings.

Are fire doors a legal requirement?

In the UK, fire doors represent a legal requirement in commercial buildings, regardless of their nature. Residential buildings are not affected, apart from those with multiple occupancy, such as blocks of flats. Fire doors are also required there.

Can anyone buy fire doors?

Yes. While they are not legally required in most residential buildings, you can always take extra health and safety measures and invest in fire doors. Indeed, they may not always be as stylish as classic doors, but they are not bad looking either.

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